Time and again fashion trends give us a jolt of the old fun and we love how the new generation embrace it. Fashion which once vanish sneaks up in various time and this season of the year zigzag pattern is back with a bang. It is enjoying its moment of life and people are trying out new innovative ways to make it better than ever. It has always been that unknown link that could make any style look different and beautiful whether rendered with tiles or added with woods. Here are few great examples of rooms designed by designers around the world with their twist of pattern in classic and modern ways.

  1. Designer GisbertPoeppler gave this room a new look with the addition of herringbone pattern wooden flooring. The room looks graceful and inviting with this beautiful addition.

Image credit: Gisbert Poeppler

  1. Gabbe renovated this kitchen flooring tiles in the herringbone pattern and now it looks amazingly awesome and goes well with the kitchen setting.

Image credit: Gabbe

  1. This Danish home from BoBedre looks stunning with the wooden herringbone pattern. The addition of various shades in the color of the woods makes the flooring livelier.

Image credit: Bo Bedre

  1. This Moroccan home from T Magazine is strikingly awesome with the colorful tiles flooring in the herringbone pattern.

Image credit: T Magazine

  1. Picked up from Desire to Inspire this wooden floored dining room offers a very rich and royal look with the dark herringbone pattern.

Image credit: Desire to Inspire

  1. Look at the dynamic touch this kitchen from Adore Home has with the makeover of herringbone tile. They do look like the everyday subway tiles but if your look closely you will know that they aren’t. They are slightly longer and even the width of the tile is twice the normal.

Image credit: Adore Home

  1. This kitchen backsplash by Jute Home has these tiny mosaic tiles with motif deign in it that makes the whole setting glorious and beautiful.

Image credit: Jute Home

  1. Designed by Pelle this wooden flooring with herringbone pattern is perfect with the border around the cabinets.

Image credit: Pelle

  1. This flooring by Kalb Lempereur has an exciting mix of both tiles and wood which makes it really intriguing.

Image credit: Kalb Lempereur

  1. Mostly seen in flooring, this innovative twist of using herringbone tiles at the walls of this bathroom by Dyer Grimes Architect is really mesmerizing.

Image credit: Dyer Grimes Architects

11. Made a Mano designed this awesome bathroom with colorful bold tiles and laid them at a herringbone pattern to bring in a sense of excitement and luxury.

Image credit: Made a Mano

  1. Sarah Sherman Samuel of Stories designed this bathroom by emphasizing on the texture of the flooring rather than the colour used. The tiles with this amazing herringbone texture just give the whole space a soothing environment.

Image credit: Stories

  1. Adding a sense of imperfection yet bringing in the most perfect look, Design Sponge liven up this room with the all-time favorite herringbone wood on the walls.

Image credit: Design*Sponge