Thinking of creating a grand entryway so that each and every person who enters your home should have a lasting impression at the very first site? These exciting ideas are going to let your dream come true.

1.Every space in the house should have their special features that define the place like this red rug that gives the vibes of a warm welcome. When you place a runner in your entryway you should keep it devoid of any kind of furniture. It’s the kind of thing that always draws attention of the people so it should always feel like free and warmth. Never keep it extended till the end of the hallway because you don’t want your guest to get jammed at the door because of it, your door should open freely.

Photo by Paul Whicheloe

  1. One small trick to keep you away forever from cleaning and maintaining the runway rug cleaning is to paint a rug on the floor. Create one in your most attractive manner and this is the best way to hide the wear and tear of the rug too.

Photo by France Ruffenach

  1. To make your visitors distract from the runway create an eye-catching wall display right in front of the runway. You can be creative by making a frame electrically using the leftover pieces of wallpaper.

Photo by Ditte Isager

  1. You could even try ornamenting the entryway with classy mirrors. They bring a superb effect looks really dramatic especially when the background has a dark tone painted. The reflection it gives during the day and night is completely different and each of them is just magical.

Photo by Victor Schrager 

  1. You could do a private property show as well if you are thinking of a pared-down version. Try filling up cute sand boxes that has memorabilia of you and your family. Pick stuffs for it like postcards of places you have visited or those sent to you, of luggage tags showing off your travel history, report cards or different cards you received during various happy occasions. The idea is great and it’s like you are creating a museum of your own.

Photo by Lucas Allen    

  1. Every single piece of art that you put on display plays a much revived characteristics to the whole setting. When you pick the right stuff it gives a vestibule punch to the environment like this simple hanging scroll with the beautiful and unique floral pattern in it. It is fun to select such pieces and transforming them to actual art pieces.

Photo by Ditte Isager

  1. One of the most eccentric ideas to make it look splendid is by positioning a mirror in such a way that it would be able to catch the light of the sun in a manner that it focuses the light towards the hallway and illuminates it. The effect it has upon the whole hallway is just breath-taking and for added brightness you can paint the mirror white.

Photo by Mark Lund

  1. Mirrors can play various roles in the décor section of the home. It can even create the illusion of an extra space or make a small room look larger. Install mirrors in the hallway to create a visual illusion of extra space. The only thing that you need to check is that the dimension of the foyer is in proportion with the mirror.

Photo by Paul Whicheloe

  1. Decorating the stairway with pictures of you and your happy time with family is a classic tactic. If not in usual homes you must have seen millions of such décor in hundreds of movies. This is really cool but to make it more interesting you can frame them in various sizes in matching bright colours and make the entrance more fun filled and nurturing.

Photo by Frances Janisch

  1. Do not keep your stairs neutral, paint it in a dark vibrant colour and draw the attention of the visitor to its fine finish. Another great benefit of dark tone is that it will camouflage any type of marks in the stairs when painted in a glossy finish.

Photo by Justin Bernhaut

  1. You can distract the eyes of the guest by decorating your banister instead. Bring a seasonal twist to it by winding it with garland of colourful silk flower during the spring season and other fair lights during the holiday season. You could change the décor depending upon the type of flowers available in your locality and season. The entrance looks magical and it enhances the entryway as well making one feel special as they enter.

Photo by Ditte Isager

  1. If there is a spacious nook at the foyer then you can transform it into a cosy space by adding a table and chair or just a bean bag with bright upholsteries and rug to make the area look cosier and welcoming.

Photo by Aya Brackett 

  1. If you are placing a chair at the foyer give it a bright pop by adding fabric in lively patterns. You can also use an old tablecloth which is no longer in use and use it as the cushion cover. This way you don’t have to pay extra for the fabric and the chair has a story of its own.

Photo by David Prince

  1. You can decorate the entryway by installing an overhead lighting. This way you illuminate the space as well as make the place look amazing. The lighting could be made with the help of a pendant suspended from above or a mini chandelier would also do the work. See that the lighting fixture is hanged about six feet eight inch above the floor, this way it gives a great visual effect. Do not hang it higher than that or even lower than that as either way the effect would not be visible.

Photo by  William Waldron

  1. Placing a table lamp right next to the doorway is a warm way to make your visitors feel inviting. Do not bring in a gaudy big lamp; go for one which has a slim base because it shouldn’t look too overwhelming. Place it in a sideway table or a slender console table.

Photo by Andrew Bordwin

  1. Your foyer could be transformed into multiple ways and the ideas are all really interesting. You can decorate it by placing a rack like the one in this picture and transform it into your letter box. The rack was originally one used by the line cooks where they stick notes about shopping list, important notes, to-do-notes, work shift etc. by giving it a colourful twist it could adorn your entryway in a unique way.

Photo by David Prince

  1. Don’t you get irritating by cleaning your entrance for hundreds of time because of the mud and dirt people brings along? Muddy and dirty entrance is a major problem, especially during monsoon. Why not replace the muddy floors by placing plastic trays in your entrance. They are smart and great idea to prevent any kind of puddles, damaging your floors and most importantly enhancing the area smartly.


Photo by Mark Lund

  1. You shoe racks need not be rickety and lame, create a place for your kids to sit while they open their shoes. Let the habit of kicking off their shoes go away by creating a bench like the one in the picture. It gives you a storage space and also a place for your kids to sit while they can easily remove their shoes.

Photo by David Prince

  1. Bring in a couple of racks, bins and hooks and paint them in bright colour and place them at the hallway. They are awesome to keep all the stuff that usually scatter around and let you keep your belongings organized. Assign each of them to your family members so that they can keep their belongings in their assigned rack or bin.


Photo by David Prince

  1. Convert your mudroom or the back entry into a room that would feel like a dresser and not a shabby entrance with things scattered around. Make this space especially devoted to keep your hats, umbrellas, raincoats, outdoor shoes, scarves, helmets and such other things.

Photo by John Gruen         

To make any space look astounding you don’t need to bring in designer stuff from the speciality store. All you need to do is make the space look colourful, organized and tidy and everything would be as perfect as you wish it to be. We have so many things lying around us that could be easily transformed into a craft work that would embellish any corner of the room. We just need to be little creative and work our way through.