Being in tow with the design changes is really tough. You have to be alert all the time about the recent changes, the latest fabric designs, the innovative lighting gadgets and everything. Every year the designer comes up with styles and decors that are not excitingly excellent but few would just blow your mind. They do not follow any guidelines; everything they design comes from their creative mind. Here we have noted down few really amazing décor guides for your living room that you would feel like a designer yourself.

  1. Bring in low furniture pieces, this way the open floor plan of your house looks cosy and welcoming. This tufted couch looks pretty cool in this living room and adding custom area rugs is a great way to define the areas of the room.


  1. Beige has been into business for way too long, it’s time that you break up your relation with them and start looking into other colours. Get engaged with dramatic hues as they can enhance your living room in a way that you would be totally amazed. Like this deep navy blue that seems like a backdrop of some sort reviving the rest of the décor stuff in the most beautiful way possible.


  1. You may love maintaining your sophisticated charm but your furniture should always be comfortable. You guest should feel welcoming and at be at ease when they visit you. Bring in plush sofa and armchair for your living room because they are fancy and let you feel, “this feels amazing” kind of vibe.


  1. Every room needs storage space; even you living room but that don’t mean you don’t have to be decorative about it. Bring in fancy storage shelves and add some colourful basket or fabric boxes to hide away the knick and knacks of the room.


  1. Do not sacrifice your square footings; bring the dining chairs to the living room. These cane and rattan chair would less far less space than any recliner and they look classy and unique as well.


  1. Do you love white but do not get indulge with it because you have kids around? Well, you don’t have to avoid your favouritecolour, just bring in furniture with durable fabric like for a sofa a leather couch would be great. Even for surface go for plastic rocker as that would be easily to wipe off any spill or stains.


  1. Carpets are a must in your living room, without it the whole setting looks dull and boring. Bring in a statement rug that would not just work as the focal point but would enhance the rest of the décor as well. Like here this patterned rug blends well with the neutral furniture and the most amazing thing is the similar pattern cushion that adds a punch to the whole scenario of the room.


8.Remodelling a home doesn’t mean you need to buy all new stuff, think creatively and try using the stuff that you already have in your home. You could use a leftover wall paint and stroke a frame with it to give it a new look. You could use an old curtain and use them to make cushions or pillows.


  1. Do not get too involved with neutral and make your surrounding boring and dull. Bring in texture and pattern in calm colours to make the place look lively. Like in this beach house the neutral spread doesn’t look bland because of the muted prints of the similar palette.


  1. Natural lighting is the best of all lighting fixtures so let in sink into your room and illuminate in the best possible way. Add sheer curtains by replacing those gaudy dark tone drapes and let the sunshine in. See that the drapes go all the way to the floor and to fake height of the room mount the drapes a foot above the windows and doors of the room.


  1. Thinking of renovating your coffee table? Why change it, just try this amazing DIY craft work. Bring in old wood planks and create a wooden vintage shelf. Keep the tethered look as it looks more natural and adds certain withered character to the modern table, do not paint it and make the special element fade away.


  1. Open floor plans something becomes really difficult to decorate because you have to create distinct spaces without disturbing the other and also make the difference look and feel. Bring in special finds when you go shopping like these two columns of the Connecticut home that adorns the room as well as anchors the room separating it from the kitchen in a great way.


  1. Colour blend is a very important part of home décor that you have to always take care of. Going easy with too many colours may sometime make your living room look too dazzling while not mixing might make it very boring. Try bringing in two opposite colour and tie rest of the stuff around them. Like in this windowed living room everything is blended together with white and blue without overwhelming any of the space.


  1. Want to know a little secret? If you have a small living room, do not bring in too much small furniture and make the space chaotic. Bring full size furniture and let there be enough space for you and your guest to move around. This would make the living room look larger than it actually is and also you will have a sofa that is actually great to seat in.


  1. Liven up the interiors of your living room by bringing some bonus materials. Add a wicker basket that would work both as a seating space and storage as well or ornament the wall with a wooden frame mirror that would look dramatic or bring in a vintage dresser that would warm up the space.


  1. Start the room décor setting with an all-white canvas as that would provide you ample of ideas to mix and match it with every other season. You could start with the beach theme by adding blue stripes in the room and throwing a piece or two of wicker accessories. If you want to make it floral, you could add cushions in floral patterns to give spring like vibe.


  1. Living rooms as small as 250 square feet can be made to look larger and spacious with proper décor. Like this tiny living room with the Scandinavian style looks really amazing and the added shiplap gives it an impression of added space.


  1. Go with natural textures to get a country style finish for your home without spending a lot of modern splurges. Bring in a flavour of rust with charcoal and neutrals as design elements for the furniture and add oak, stone, leather and cedar for the wooden element of the design.