With time the trends of carpeting evolves and changes, some designs stay on while some just vanishes. Every year at the start of the month manufacturers around the world reveal their new collection of products with the key décor they would be using for the coming year. Here are lists of new carpet trends that have been started in 2017 and are competing to be on the top. Though varieties in all types comes in but the texture of the carpets always remain the key of any design every year. For the last decade texture has played a very major role in the demand factor either visually or substantially. Let’s walk you through the current most loved carpet trends of 2017.

Substantial Texture: No matter whether you are a new buyer or an old one but the softness and feel will get from the fibre has always been an important concern. After all, when you will be spending so much, you would definitely want a carpet that feels good. Everyone focuses on softness when it comes to purchasing a carpet and even the manufacturers have been able to offer their needs since a decade. There has been an increase in the use of soft fibres while crafting a carpet. They are focusing their technology a lot in making the same old synthetic fibres thinner, finer and softer, which lets them produce even cheap carpets that are soft and consumer friendly. The market trend of 2017 also focuses mainly in the soft carpet and is covering the market fully. New product lines of great businesses like Mohawk Smart Strand collection are also focusing in creating soft carpets.

Visual Texture: unlike colours or patterns of a carpet which can only be seen, textures could be seen as well as felt. Recently visual textures have become a very vital part in home décor and carpet styling industries.

The recent design makeover that has been flowing in the market indulges a lot in the textures used in different types of forms. A craftsman can let you feel visual texture in various ways and the most famous and in use of them all is the cut and loop style. Though this method has been there in the carpet making industry since ages but with technology advances they are used in used in various different ways to create amazing contemporary styles. Usually they were earlier mostly made in only pin dot designs or traditional geometric squares but with time the whole picture has started evolving and changing. Here we will give you a glimpse of how visual texture has changed with time.

Patterns: From the onset of 2017, there have been a rising increase in use of the cut and loop styles which are mostly seen with liner patterns that gives the carpet design a ‘stripe and rule’ effect. Here you can have a look at the Milliken Crystal Stich collection which was actually started in early 2016. They have since made hoards of various stripped patterns which you can see in the 2017 collection of Mohawk trade show. According to their report this pattern with cut and loop style has been the most in demand and sale. Though the pin dot as well as the geometric pattern is still in market but they have not been able to garner as much popularity as the cut and loop.

Hot Colours: Choice and use of colours changes every year or you can say season to season, but there hasn’t been much substantial change in colour palette from 2016 to 2017. Neutral colours have always been favourite for all and even this year no other carpet palettes could overpower it. Even the new collection that has been introduced recently features equal contribution of grey and beige with a splash of lot of various colours in between. But one major change in the colour change is the use of lots of white and off-white as neutrals recently. Since very long people have been a little subtle in using light colours for room décor because of the fear of maintenance as well as spill and stains. With technology changes made even in the stain resistance factor, people are experimenting more on light colours and exploring the white world.