Why not include sage green into your kitchen design, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply seeking to paint existing cabinets a new hue for a change of pace? This lovely shade is gaining popularity in kitchens all around the world, and it’s simple to understand why. After all, the hue is bright and inviting, and it goes well with a variety of hardware and embellishments. We’ve rounded up 18 kitchens with sage green cabinets that we can’t get enough of, and we’re confident they’ll do the same for you.


Delight in Two Toned



The best of all worlds: classic white and sage green! This two-toned design is both contemporary and eye-catching. A patterned backsplash gives this stunning kitchen even more punch.



Serene Environment



This pleasant yet understated kitchen features a light sage color scheme with white accents. Given how much time you spend in the kitchen preparing meals, cleaning, and doing other home chores, it’s surely beneficial to maintain it tranquil and serene.



Lower tier



Upper cabinets are missing in this kitchen, but the bottom ones are painted in a nice sage shade. Getting rid of top cabinets and replacing them with open shelves may help a tiny kitchen feel more open and large. Show off your favorite coffee cups, handcrafted ceramics, and other collectibles.



Quartz of superior quality



Quartz countertops complement the subdued green color in this sage green kitchen. You’ll be able to appreciate the elegance of this luxurious finish more if you keep your counter clutter to a minimal.



Lots of green



There are plenty of vines, plants, and flowers in this bright kitchen, in addition to the sage green cabinetry. Use green as a starting point for incorporating natural elements such as these into your own area. If you prefer artificial plants, that’s OK, too—there are plenty of realistic-looking imitation bouquets on the market that are perfect for individuals who aren’t at home as often.



Touch of Rustic



For a more rustic aesthetic, wood counters look fantastic with sage green cabinets. This might be the appearance for you if you like farmhouse or cottage décor.



Contrast is cool



This kitchen’s tea or coffee bar is made up of a tiny piece of cabinetry. The sage green glows brightly in this room, and the deep black hardware contrasts beautifully with the subdued color. You could always arrange necessities inside little woven baskets for a more streamlined look if your coffee equipment isn’t as appealing.



Pulls with a Modern Look



Cabinet hardware may appear to be a little feature, but it can give a kitchen a lot of individuality. These modern gold pulls are sleek and classy, yet large enough to grip while rushing around the kitchen preparing food.



Piece by piece



Starting with only the upper or lower cabinetry might be a great place to start if you’re just starting to experiment with a new color and aren’t sure how much you’d like to bring it into your kitchen. The bottom cabinets in this kitchen are painted sage green, and they complement the white upper cabinets well.



Pleasant and uplifting



In this sunny kitchen with large skylights, sage green cabinetry fit right in. If you find plain white to be too stark for your taste, sage green is a terrific way to keep a space appearing pleasant and fresh while yet deviating away from it. Leaving top cupboards removed may help a space seem more open.



Pairing is lovely



Green cabinets and a green wall are a winning combination. Sage pairs beautifully with other green-based hues, so don’t be hesitant to use it in other sections of the kitchen, as this room demonstrates. Have a good time introducing emerald, eucalyptus, sea foam, and so on.



A Little Disguise



This kitchen features sage green from floor to ceiling. If your space is ultra mod and features a sleek fridge/freezer combo that is stored behind a cabinet-like front, you can even paint those doors for a fully uniform look. We bet most of your guests will be shocked that these doors are even hiding appliances to begin with.



Crafty Concepts



Make your open shelving creative; remember that it doesn’t have to be presented in a straight line. These curving, L-shaped shelves provide even extra storage and might be painted in the same green as the cabinets for further sage appeal.

All the way to the top



The tops of your cabinets may be used to store items. Don’t be scared to take this way if you have a tiny area or just need a bit more room for random kitchen objects that don’t fit behind doors. If you exhibit objects that suit your sage green cabinets, you’ll get bonus points.



Cute and timeless



Sometimes the simplest solution is the best! On these sage green kitchen cabinets, minimalist metal knobs gleam. It’s no surprise, either: green and gold has long been a beautiful, foolproof combination.




Keep the celebration going



If you like sage green in your kitchen, don’t be afraid to utilize it in the hallway as well, as seen above. The brighter the color, the better! (Plus, it’s a fantastic method to get rid of any leftover paint.)



Get Off Your Floor and Play



If your kitchen floor has a fascinating geometric tiled pattern, pick a cabinet color that complements the other colors in the room.



Alternatively, choose complementary wallpaper



With a cheerful wallpaper design, these sage green cabinets look fantastic. Your kitchen should be a place you love spending time in on a daily basis, so if it means including some bright patterns that will make you smile, go for it! If you use removable, peel and stick wallpaper, you may easily achieve this effect in a rental.


All pics credit by : The Spruce