Interior decoration has been a trend in the market since years, with people trying to show off their possession by showcasing them in their homes. With technology changing the ways of decorating has also changed a lot. Carpeting has taken a multi-fold and everyone is spending a lot to cover their floors with soft fluffy carpets. Where tough stuff floors like tiles, marble, concrete or timber lets you get a modern finish, the soft carpet covering lets you comfort, warmth as well as simplicity in the long run.

Imagine reaching home after a long hectic day and the first thing you do is sink in your toes at the luxurious woollen pile. There is nothing so sensational and comforting than that and the look that a carpet gives to your interior is just way too complementing. Also tipping yourself with a rich fabric quality rug would give you the benefit of using it for longer period of time when maintained properly.

The placement of your carpet should be always proper and shouldn’t be just tossed of in the middle of the room. Also the area where you place it would determine what type of style, pattern and colour carpet you should buy. With technology taking a leap in this decade, you now have the opportunity to choose a carpet that would suit your style and look. You can have it crafted in any style, pattern, colour, design and fabric of your desire.

Here are a few important details that one should definitely check before spending the lot over a custom carpet:

Colour- The very first thing when it comes to buying anything is colour. It should match the setting else it will look completely out of place. Though neutral colours are always safe as it blends in with all kinds of interior, but going for a dash of vivid colours would add a certain type of style into the place.

Other than look, you should also see that if the carpet would be placed in an area with high traffic then it would need to be strong and durable. Carpets placed in hallways and stairs should be in a shade that easily blends with the dirt and stains. You can choose from sisal or coir for areas with high traffic. Michael Dowe of The Natural Floor Covering Centre says that nowadays people usually prefer to go with natural flooring which is why there is a greater demand for chunky spun yarns that has darker tones.

Nowadays the trend of rustic styling has also become much famous and according to Bree Leech of Godfrey Hirst, where on one side neutrals like cream and grey are in demand, on the other hand reds, lilacs, blues and maroons are covering the market as well.

Colours are being used in a very different way by designers. You will see a lot of carpets which has large sized cut piles placed in the centre acting like a contrasting tone for the rest of the design. You will also find large number of designs with stripes and artistic designs like those found in Brintons. There are also stippling design found in many carpets where varieties of different colours are weaved together into a single yarn.

Though you might be a colour friendly person but you should always see that the right shade is placed at the right place. You can experiment with colours in your hallways and other areas first and have fun without making the setting too overwhelming. Slowly you can start adding colours to the rest of the spaces if you think it would balance the ambiance. You can check out M.I.D carpet stores for various ranges of “look at me” carpets and also pick one if the style suits you.

Comfort- The next thing that you look for at any item you buy is comfort, whether it’s an apparel or furniture or footwear. No matter you use only branded staffs or you are comfortable with the local made but comfort has always been in focus. So when it comes to carpeting, this has never been in such high demand.

Usually in a home, the least amount of traffic that an area gets is the bedroom but this is the area where you require the maximum amount of comfort. You can experiment with various soft tones for your bedroom; go for soft velvet pile or white fluffy shag rug or deep textured woollen rugs.

Michelle Parker from Cavalier Bremworth says that nowadays the twisted piles that craftsman use are becoming crunchier, tighter with lots of different textures which has given the interiors a very bespoke and traditional look.

There are hoards of new styles that come in luxury category and few of them are densely twisted knots, chunky soft felts and tight loop piles. To make the carpet durable yet premium, the designers nowadays blend in wool with silk, cotton, or linen. The wool keeps the carpet in use for long period of time while the silk or other fabric gives it a more quality look. They are usually knotted or woven into the design separately so that each fibre highlights its features in their own way and resulting into a beautiful multi layered textured carpets.

Melissa Jenkins of Brintons says that the most trending two words that describe best the current carpet scenario are vintage and nostalgia as people are looking for looks that talks antique and sophistication.

Natural flooring is also getting a trend vibe recently and if you would are thinking of buying one but still worried about the scratch factor than buy a carpet made of sisal and wool mix. It would give the needed natural look and still feel warm in your feet.

Texture- With technology the methods of producing carpets has changed a lot and though wool has always been the favourite among all but you should not dither yourself from the luxuries of high end luxury rugs made of the new technologized textures.

When you place a rug in the living area, it experiences between high to moderate amount of traffic so for an area with such traffic choose a rug that is both soft as well as runs for a long time.

The key looks that are making rounds in the market are chunky carpets with their different amount of pile heights and the combination of cut and loop piles used in it. You may like the geometric design which gives the flooring an appearance of high texture loop piles with patterned look, for a more vivid idea you can check Godfrey Hirst’s Metropolis. If you like a carpet that has a soft padding and yet a moderate structure that would not get loose even in moderate traffic than you can check the Ravine by Hycraft. Cavalier Bremworth’s Tussore which gives it a hand woven look with the thick felt designs crafted into it is also another style you can have a look at.

Melissa Jenkins says that art used to be a part of the walls but now they have started crawling away from walls and can be seen on the floors as well. Brinton’s hand printed sketch collection features a wide range of colourful botanical and contemporary artistic designs and you would be mesmerized with the mystical look it gives to the flooring. Wool has always been on the top and one cannot easily remove its importance and strength. It is one fibre that can be luxurious yet durable, heavy yet soft and most importantly stain repellent.

Usually man-made fibres are always easy to clean, could be used for longer period of time but not budget friendly, so if you are thinking not to poke a hole in your pocket than turn your attention to the more pocket friendly synthetic fibres.