There was a time when home décor was just a statement, no one took it seriously and people never found pleasure in spending thousands in decorating their homes. But the time has changed and everyone is curious to know the fashion changes and adapt to it as soon as possible. Like any other fashion, trends of home decoration changes every year and this year is going to be no different. With the start of 2017, you should make the habit of letting go of the few things that you loved about 2016. Here is a list of don’ts that you need to follow this year if you want your home to be an eye candy.


  1. Gold and copper boycott– Designers around the world agree that this season the trend of gaudy copper and gold styles would be out by end of this year. Though Nathan &Jac’s team puts forward their point that copper has always been beautiful and would always have a little contribution in the fashion industry, but when people go overboard with the glazy imitation copper it just seems like you have done too much and even though you tried a lot you have failed miserably.

Designer Diane Cocksey says that though most of 2016 was filled up with lots of metal finishes like copper, rose gold, brace, silver etc. but by the time we enter the summer of 2017 everyone is going to get tired of these colors and would surely shift away from the shiny look. You will be seeing lots of industrial aesthetics and copper will be replaced with rustic shades like black steel and burnish metals.

Photo: Domayne Online


  1. Marble will lose importance– Till now marble was in much demand for all essential home décor items but the rage of marbles is soon going to expire. It had a great time and was showcased in millions of homes but as suggested by Cocksey it is soon going to change for good. You will be seeing lots of earthly and nature friendly textures in this year like clay, timber and also wicker style furnishing.

Photo: Curious Grace


  1. Artworks will fade– Since many years quote artworks were alaminating trend with every walls decorated with them. But after years of being in the spotlight now consumers are going to slowing stop using them. The Zwei interior decoration team thinks that the trend of quote artwork is so cliché. We all have seen those days with motivational writings pasted on our walls and they sure have had their pleasure time but now it is going to fade away.

Photo: Mint Afternoon

  1. Fig indoor plant– Indoor plants has not been a very old décor idea and when few years back a magazine cover showcased a fig plant, it gained tremendous popularity. But now it is going to get replaced by another statement indoor plant because people are basically tired of the fiddles fig leaves as well as really frustrated with the high price it cost and the low availability. Also it is really very difficult for maintenance and requires lot of care to keep it alive, especially in the Southern part of Australia. Experts like Blomfieldsays that most probably the olive would be taking up the charge looking at this year are running trends.

Photo: via Bloesem Living

  1. Cozy and confined spaces– With time the number of neutral families and individual apartments are increasing and with it the use of smaller and more affordable homes. The modern style of defined rooms are getting on the trend and people no more likes the huge open space studio houses that has everything in it. People are getting more accustomed to privacy and as Macer says that when you are in an open plan living area, you have everything in it starting from kitchen to study rooms which do not give you enough privacy and there are also problems with acoustics and food odors. The studio apartments would soon be replaced by confined homes with separate small and cozy rooms for different purposes.

Photo: John Berg

  1. Tiles are going home– Tile décor has been a hype since the last few years and could be seen everywhere starting with your subway to bathroom. They looked good and people like it also because of its versatility and cheap cost. But soon this trendsetter is going to take a back seat as it has become too common. You can see it everywhere you go, be the cafeteria or a shopping mall or the subway, it’s everywhere. Instead of it people will start adopting the kit-kat tile culture as well as the herringbone patterns. They are the buzzing trend and slowly everyone is falling in love with this. Photo: 

Photo: Decoration Trend

Adapting a new design culture isn’t easy and though it takes place slowly but the amount of money it cost you is really high. Do not just pick up any new décor art that is going on in the market because it may or may not run its course. Like any other race of life even here slow and steady wins the race so do your research properly and only then pay your bills.