Designing a home does not come easy everyone would agree to that. The trends of designing changes every year so getting too involved with lots of designs at a time is not going to help you because the trends changes and unless you are a billionaire, you can afford to change the setting every once in a year. But we don’t mean that you should stop bringing in décor stuff at all or never remodel your home, but knowing the limit is always helpful. Here let’s know these amazing designer hacks that would help us make a difference to our small living apartments from cramped to cosy.

Small apartments usually do not have separate rooms for TV, library, leisure and other entertainment; it’s just one room where all such activities are done. When one room has to take the burden of all entertainments, it gets really difficult to keep it tidy and clutter free. It is quite challenging to décor the room with all the gadgets books and other stuff and accomplishes the goal like a pro.

So we will be telling you this fine tricks that can work as relief to your decorating problems as this tricks are simple functional and won’t need too much of your space. These designer hacks would fool anyone’s eyes by making a small room look bigger.

a.The prime factor- furniture arrangement

Bring in multipurpose furniture, this way you have the option to design your room in a way that it maximizes the square footage of the room. When your living room is small, it’s best to bring in a sofa-cum-bed instead of a sofa and a bed. They take up less space and are a remarkable way to decorate the room with a stylish sofa during day and a cosy comfortable bed during night.

When your furniture legs are elevated and they stand high above the ground it makes the room look airy and also armless chairs are best for an open look of the room.

b.Blend in the colour flow

Paint the colour of the furniture or bring in furniture that has similar colour tone to that of the wall. This gives the illusion of a larger space than it actually is. Now try adding in colourful and textured accessories and décor stuff to the room that gives it a refined and breathable sense of aura.

Complement the look and create an illusion of a bigger room by blending the style sense and materials with a room adjoining it as it would create a visual connection. Go with a similar pattern or colour tone and create a flow of colour mash up from one room to another which would help the living room look larger and spacious.

You could also make a room look taller by painting the ceiling in a blue shade similar to the sky. This is just a trick to the eyes but works great for smaller rooms. Also using a glossy paint on the ceiling gives way to an impressive height.

c.Lighting fixtures

Lighting can play a major role in changing the whole aura of the room; with just a few changes you can either make it look cosy and small or bright and bigger. Use wonderful lighting to make your mediocre room look spacious and expensive as well.  Use the natural light to your bliss by hanging colourful sheer curtains on the windows and drawing the attention of an onlooker towards the garden area or the outside. Also use wall cut outs into the rest of the rooms so that the attention focuses on the window.

Mirrors works great so adding one would be a great way to create the effect, if not mirror you could also go for glass and metals that would reflect the light from the natural lighting into the room thus illuminating and creating the illusion.

Adding a skylight to the room is also a great way to install natural light to a room and creating a sense of depth to the interiors. This is not possible when you are in an apartment but if not then they work just perfect.

d.Interior Décor Work

Do not pack up your room with too much décor stuff, try to keep it limited and free up your floor space. Use vertical space to free your table tops and attach the shelves and bookcases to the walls so that you can use them as storage for your other ornamental decors and objects.

Bring in portable furniture which you can use when there is a rush of guest in your home. They are very thoughtful invention since they can be stored up in the closet when not in use. Decorate them with beautiful slipovers which would complement the whole setting of the room with your other decorating styles.

Having limited space doesn’t mean you need to limit your style, you can explore as much as you can with all the space you have, only thing to keep in mind is not going overboard. These designer tactics is for sure going to help you remodel your home with the best of furniture, lighting and home accessories and make any space look good as well as bigger.