We never realise how the colour of our home can have an enormous effect in our mind, body and soul. They play a very important role in changing our mood, especially the wall paints. Study shows that the shade of the wall painting plays a major role in changing our emotional state, as there are few shades that can make us happy, few that can make us feel down, few that would make us afraid, some would suppress our appetite and lot many that matches to a myriad of different feelings.

Sue Kim is a Valspar Colour Expert and we had an interesting talk about the top shades that could bring positive changes to our life. Kim says that our emotions are triggered by a great amount of different natural things that happen to be around us and also from the memories we have collected in our sub conscience mind. So when we see a certain colour few memories are triggered in our mind which leads to either a moment of joy or time of despair. Kim suggests that we should bring in different shades of various colours, magazine clipping and swatches and lay them down in a table and understand if any of the colours can trigger our happy emotion or take us back to a memory that hold special place in our heart. Most of the time we have the wrong notion that a bold colour would be the colour that would make us feel happy but that might not be true at all times. For many it could also be a quiet place that has a softer hue in it. It depends from person to person and even a person who is quite all the time might love a darker tone as his happy place.

Here are few inspirational colours that are universally considered to soothe your mind and make your happy and content.

1.Yellow is the colour of happiness and contentment

It might not be true to you but usually yellow is the one that strongly connects to cheerfulness. Kim says that yellow is the colour that can revive and awaken all the five senses of human. This subtle colour has a luminous quality that depicts the warm sun rays and showers positive energy. The colour is calm, composed and anyone who enters into a room painted in yellow feels the sparks of happiness within them.

 Courtesy of Valspar

  1. Revival is depicted through Sky Blue

How do you feel when you are sitting inside a dark room for hours and then when you move out of the room and see the blue sky? How do you feel seeing this room, isn’t it refreshing and can calm your nerves like nothing else. When a room is painted in sky blue you always feel the urge to curl up and be comfortable. It calms your nerves and can regenerate your natural rhythms making you feel content and energized. When a person sleeps, it’s like hibernation, your body parts and mind calms down to be energized again once you wake up; sleep is thus often linked to productivity. It helps one to restore and relax the mind thus helps us be up and going.

Courtesy of Valspar

  1. Intelligence for Violet

Violet though is a colour that comes in the darker tones and often associated with moody but is a colour that also depicts mindfulness. Kim says that when you want your mind to be relaxed and bring in a sense of retreat, this is the colour that pops up your mind. In this room with the violet addition lets one create a relaxed space in your mind and can easily let one depict focus and reflection.

Courtesy of Valspar

  1. Greenish Yellow, the Optimistic colour

Green is the colour of nature and every one of us feel our mind soothed when we are one with the nature. This greenish yellow wall just makes us very energized and jovial from inside. This fine colour strongly depicts the spring’s first blossom by capturing the essence of viability and excitement of the season that is about to start. It can easily bring in a kind of positive energy to your mind and help one in growing personally.

Courtesy of Valspar

  1. Balance and silver go hand in hand

When we think of silver we kind of feel a balanced feeling where everything around us is calm and composed. This perfect blend in helps one to be in content with earning less and yet be happy with what they have with them. It lets one enjoy the surrounding the way it is and not be unhappy with everything around them

Courtesy of Valspar