Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking? Let’s work together to create the greatest new chef’s kitchen for you( Kitchen Design for a Chief).

Kitchen Designs by Home Decor Masters specialises in developing kitchen modifications that will significantly improve your kitchen’s operation.

When all of your chef’s kitchen gear are neatly stacked and organised, you’ll have a lot more fun cooking. Our designers will work with you to create a design that meets all of your culinary requirements.


Functionality and Workflow

In your chef’s kitchen, there should be enough counter space to work on.
It’s critical to have a wide work space that can be readily cleaned after preparing a huge supper.

While cooking the meal, you don’t want cluttered countertops, and you surely don’t want things in the way while cleaning up. Ample preparation room is a top consideration.


Additional Sink Space

It’s wonderful to have more sink room for meal preparation, washing, rinsing, and cleaning.

The Galley Sink Workstation is a favorite of our designers because it allows them to create a sociable, practical workstation where numerous chores can be completed in a straight line.



Fillers for Pots

Pot fillers include a swing-out pivoting arm that may be positioned neatly above your burner.

This allows water to be quickly accessed without the need to lift and move large lobster pots. It’s a fantastic addition to the kitchen of a chef.



Built-in Garbage Disposal and Compost Pail

Extra food scraps may be easily composted in an in-counter composting system or disposed of in a space-saving garbage disposal that can grind both standard and tough foods.



Appliances that are cutting-edge


Ovens with a lot of power and steam ovens

For your new chef’s kitchen, today’s kitchens include some of the greatest oven appliance selections you can imagine.

Take a look at the different characteristics of convection and steam ovens from different manufacturers. Many of our customers appreciate having two or more ovens in their kitchens.



Range Hoods with a lot of power

In any busy kitchen, a powerful range hood is a must-have. A more powerful hood with multi-speed blowers will sweep away smoke and smells while also reducing additional noise. They’re also visually pleasing, and they include built-in lighting to brighten up your kitchen.


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