The regular routine of a 9 to 6 corporate job may come to a halt during weekends or festive occasions but your work still needs to be done and usually we end up working even at home. If you are such a workaholic then sitting peacefully at the kitchen or sitting room doesn’t help you finish your work in time, which is why newly made apartment dealers are adding up this criteria of adding a home office to your residence. It is a fine abode that gives you the feeling of your office cabin and still be as comforting as working from home. But usually they end up being neglected spaces especially because it’s not a place where you entertain guest or hang out with friends or spend few hours alone. People end up keeping the room décor free and focus on other rooms which ultimately keep the home office a mess and dull.

So here are a few exciting tips by designer Mike Harrison and HomeGoods which would help you enhance your home office and change it according to your personality and style. These tips would help you make your space exciting and let your home office come to life.

  1. A splash of Colour– Colours is very important when you want to make a space feel relaxed and cosy. You should always go for your favourite eye catching colours as that would relate well with your personality and make your mind refreshed. Like in this room the owner wanted a place that would give an inspiration to her husband who is actually a professional writer. She wanted to create an aura of peace and tranquillity that would let him think deep and work well. The place is built up in a way that it is complete with interest as well has a sophisticated whims. Harrison gave her what she wanted with this layered neutral palette and the splash of her favourite colours popping here and there.
  2. Accessorize well– When you are remodelling your home office under a certain budget then you should always see that few minute things might bring in huge changes to the whole outlook of the space. Like Harrison says that a small table lamp or a cosy area rug could be of the least cost but they would play great role in transforming your space. Also always remember that though it is a home office but it is also an extension of your home so it should always have that comforting feel of a home. Do not go overboard by making it too corporate so try bringing in the feel good factors inside the room like putting a frame of the family on the walls, an artwork by your kids or things that values your family ties. In this room Harrison added an abstract art on the wall, a fine geometric rug on the floor, cute patterned cushions on the sofa and great lighting fixtures to give it a formal yet casual look.
  3. Make proper use of the space– Home offices are not big rooms of your home, they usually take up small nooks and corners or a tiny room at one part of the home. Since they are small spaces you should take extra care to make it looks bigger and utilize the space accordingly. In this room Harrison used a big mirror table as a coffee table instead of the wooden or aluminium one and on the corner the bright leather desk illuminated the space in the right manner. The whole aura of the space brightened with these tiny changes and made the room look special and fresh.
  4. Organize with style– Since the home office would be a small room, keep everything minimalistic and avoid any kind of clutter to create unnecessary mess. The room though used very less would still be highly functional so try to keep everything organized and do it in style. Harrison says that you should make the organizational accessories your assets and exhibit them in style. Bring in lots of cheap office supplies that have tremendous style, colour and flair to give the room a fresh and shiny outlook. Stuffs like metallic notebooks, colourful pens, acrylic boxes, tiny abstract boxes, tape dispensers, cute blue stables etc. should be in your home office shopping list.
  5. Fake office look– You might not have the budget to purchase a home that has designated home office or the idea of having a home office just strike your mind but there isn’t any extra room. In that case do not worry because there is still fair chance for you to create a home office in your already designed home. You can easily create a corner of your bedroom or dining area with a small desk and chair and make it your home office. Bring in floating shelves and add them above the desk for your house supplies. Display decorative stuffs around the area and add proper lighting fixtures and your new home office is ready.