Are you fed-up of your old interior decor and want to make new changes to your surrounding? Do you feel bored to see your dull room every day after you reach home from work and would love to make it interesting and less stressful? Do you think life around you has come to a standstill and a few changes in your decoration would bring colours to your life? If answer to all this is yes then read below about some interesting and easy home decor ideas that would transform your boring home to a paradise that you feel like being on a holiday every passing day. When you start decorating your home for the sheer joy of your own, you should always start with your bedroom; because that’s the room you will be spending most of your time. Nowadays with modern settings eco-friendly stuffs have made their presence felt and do not worry they are not going to make your bedroom boring. Eco-friendly products have transformed a lot and they are much better than any other synthetic or artificial products. Even famous designers around the world are focusing their talent in these products and are proving that to be fashionable you can go with environment friendly as well. The new motto of fashion nowadays is being trendy and nature friendly at the same time. The next thing that you need to focus is to bring in products that enhance the surrounding like textured fabrics and materials which are the latest trends of 2017. Try to bring in the outer world within the four walls of your home and capture aspects that would adorn your personality. If you are a movie lover go with the theme and bring in elements that makes you feel like you are part of a movie. Light weight fabrics always go well with the interiors and make the room feel easy and free. Never bring in heavy fabric for your bed as it makes maintenance really difficult. Bring in lots of cushions and curtains of various coloured fabric so that you can change them according to your moods.

Shifting from fabrics to floor decor, go for substances that are more natural looking to give your room a dreamy feeling. Also natural materials make your flooring compact as well as durable. Nowadays eco-friendly items are very much in fashion than the concrete stuff, like hardwood, filling and cork art are the new in trend flooring designs. Along with this the new trend of surface texture is the floral patterns which are again back in fashion. If you love girly floral stuff then you can go for them but think before investing as it becomes risky to handle them for long. If you are still in doubt whether floral would be a good choice or not then you should stop and think before investing. Try using minimal or just at one corner of the room as too much of it would look too gaudy. The walls of your room should always be of light colour, this makes the room look bigger and brighter. If you want to add wallpapers then you should go for colours that would soothe your mind and make you feel stress less. You can also try out floral wallpapers if you are confident enough that it would not bore you off after a certain point of time. Bring in fragrance candles and light them in the evening as it would calm your nerves and relax your mind. Your intimate moments with your loved one would also be accentuated with the use of these lovely candles. Whatever minimal changes you like to create in your room should be such that they could be easily changed with the season or with your moods. Like do not completely change your furnisher or bring in a premium rug, investments that are too costly would also get worn out at a point of time. Make easy changes like changing wallpapers, adding new art pieces, changing cushion covers, adding pillow etc. These minimalistic changes would upgrade your decor style with time and also refresh your mind from time to time.