In every house around the world the first room that one steps into as soon as they enter the house is the living room. This is especially a room that is solely meant for entertaining the guest, although you do still want it to be filled with warmth and be comfortable for you and your loved ones. Since it is the place where your guest would be spending most of their time, it needs to be updated with the latest design trends and the best of accessories. But fashion changes very often and it is really very difficult to keep yourself updated because it cost money and without it remodeling isn’t possible. So, here we are going to give you a detailed study on how to decorate and remodel your living room at the least budget. This easy and fav tip would let you enjoy new looks for your living room and surprise your guest as well every time they visit.

1. Sofa design changes every year but that doesn’t mean you would just throw away your old hard earned sofa and get a new one every year as trend changes. So the best thing you could and should do is adding some pre-made slipcovers and lots of cushions to it. This way you can easily change the covers of the slips and cushions by making them of the latest fabric trend. They can be textured, floral, pattern, geometric, nude or abstract, the choices are many and the cost is less. Using cushions is in fact less costly than using slipcovers and they bring in fresh look to your living room after every season.

2. Area Rug or Carpet?

Carpets are essential addition of the home décor and they are actually the key point based on which the rest of the home décor is implemented. But if you have a very large room and installing wall to wall carpet is not something you are looking for then the best solution to this is to go for custom area rugs. They are great to define a space of the room specially if you have a studio apartment and you don’t want any other division. They are perfect to add color and beauty to your décor and complement with both wooden and tile floors.

When you have kids around home it is best to bring in rugs of darker tones also, with toddlers moving around the house and spilling everything everywhere rugs are best to cover them up.

3. Wall Decor

The walls of the house are a wide space to bring on your creative side and show them to the people. It’s a great place and shouldn’t be kept empty, bring in some modern artworks and hang them for your guest to admire. Indulge in some DUY activities and make cloth wall hangings to hang above the couch or chairs. They are recent trend and are growing popular every other day. You yourself would be really impressed at the way it enhances the beauty of a room.

Frame pictures of the beautiful moments you had with your friends and family and hang them in your living room walls or along the staircase. Show off your prized memories in colorful special frames. Another awesome way to décor your walls is by adding an antique clock, it brings class and royalty to the room. The best of all is the old grandfather clock that can be used either as wall mounted or as freestanding. You could also choose among the modern day décor clocks if antique is not your thing.

4. Lighting effects

You may not be aware how lighting could change the whole scenario of a space. Lights are amazing, they can a same place look bright and breezy on one hand and cosy and cuddling on another. The effects are numerous so you could do a lot with a slight difference of lights in your living room. Bring in the modern lighting fixtures that give your living room a dramatic makeover. Place them in dark corners and brighten them up or put a scone and illuminate a certain painting or install a chandelier and make the center carpet the focal point. You could bring is candles and display them at various corners to bring a romantic effect to the scenario during special events. The options are many; all you need to do is explore them.

5. Furniture setting

When you want to remodel your home and don’t want to bring in any new décor stuff, just shifting the setting of the room is a great way to make your living room look different and new. Instead of replacing them you can arrange them in a way that the focal point is changed so that the eyes and interest shifts from the furniture to either the window or any entertainment spot. When your living room is too large you can arrange the furniture in different sitting areas making various focal points in the same room.

6. Bonus home décor ideas

There are millions of home décor ideas that you can use in your living room. Just because it’s a room to entertain your guest doesn’t mean you keep it blank and unwelcoming. Make it cosy and comfortable so that every time one enters they feel warm and welcoming. Bring in a little greenery to the inside by placing houseplants in your living room; they are great to enhance the view especially if your walls are painted white. Natural beauty is always fantastic so placing vases and pots with flowers and plants always look amazing. Place them near the window or at the entrance.

You could also go for the amazing modern arts like the water fountains and sculptures. They look really remarkable when you install a lighting fixture above them so that they gloom even during night and adorn the room. They are gaining popularity day by day and could be seen in most of the designer houses as well. If not fountain or sculptures, you could even go for glass aquariums as they look really fancy.

These amazing living room décor ideas are really amazing and you should definitely try them for your living room. Decorate them on your own and bring out the vibrancy of your room with honor. Make a dramatic change staying within your living room at the lowest budget with these amazing ideas.