Whenever we see a beautiful house with great interiors we always think that either it is designed by a great designer or the homemaker has a great taste in design. Though most of the times you guess it right but aren’t always true. Here is a list of few designer hacks that would help you designing your home flawlessly and you would be appreciated for your great taste without even trying.

  1. Choose your colours first– Designer Gary McBournie suggests that when you start to design your home, the first thing you should do is choose your colour and create the palette. Choose the basic colour you want in your home and start with it and then blend in the rest of the colours with it. In this room you will see that there isn’t too much of colour rush. It is very simple and just a merger of royal blue with soft green, light orange and pale blue. Every colour in the room is light and basic but each vibrates its energy and makes the whole ambiance look refreshing.


  1. Display your investments– You may have gone to some exotic destination and brought something really cool or you might have recently brought a famous art piece, whatever it is but you would love to display these priced possessions of yours. Designer Bunny Williams says that display your unique and artistic finds in your utilitarian rooms for the most awesome showcase.

  1. Don’t have it, fake it- If you have a very low ceiling and would like to make the area look bigger and taller, fake the height by bringing in low furniture. This would create a balanced distance between the furniture and the ceiling creating an illusion of a taller room. Designer Todd Romano says that in such areas you should concentrate on verticals rather than spending time on horizontals. You could also add mirrors to the walls which are also a great way to fake space of a room.

  1. Window Art- Window trims are usually given just a normal brown colour and isn’t concentrated much upon. But you could create an enhanced look to the whole room with the addition of beautiful colours to the window trims. Designer Meg Braff says that often people ignore the window trims but they are actually good space to create a statement. Jeffrey Bihuber famous for his eclectic decorations says that he often paints the trim with a shade of green so that it blends in with the nature or go with black so that muntins fades away with the light.

  1. Brighten Up with Mirrors- Though installing mirrors on the walls is great way to make the room look bigger but there are also other hacks you could try with mirror. For example see this room with the mirror panel adorning the alcove. But designer Jan Showers warns that you shouldn’t install large sheet of mirrors as it would make the space look too commercial. Instead go for the French style with sectioned panels to give the home a comfy and classic look.

  1. Choose your sofa well- Just because you have messy kids or you are a pet owner doesn’t mean you buy any gaudy dark coloured sofa. Do not compromise on it and never postpone your home décor essentials because of such reasons. Krista Ewart, a fashion designer from California suggests that you should invest in a well-made comfortable sofa with a colour tone that is not just timeless but also matches the home interiors. Never deter yourself from the fashion changes that take place, if replacing the sofa isn’t an option, buy that amazing fabric and throw few cushions made of it.

  1. Neutrals and textures- Neutral colours decoration is timeless and always looks amazing but too much of neutral makes the appearance dull and boring. Try including a variety of materials of different textures to make it interesting. In this room by Ohara Davies-Gaetano she added lots of silk, taffeta, cotton, linen and velvet in the neutral base and made it look sophisticated. Not just the various textures but adding the cool matte and lustrous sheens in the bedroom gives the room a magical aura.

  1. Follow the simple 50/100 rule- if you want to cover the whole space in a similar shade than follow the 50/100 rule, which is if you colour one part of the wall in lighter shade then colour the rest in darker shade of the same colour. This architectural way to painting the wall gives the aura of a stripped painting.

  1. Concentrate well with small space- If you have a small space then don’t make it look cramp. Select your furniture well, like this room with chairs that have small arms. The square seating of the chairs gives the illusion of the bigger sofa and gives you enough space to sit comfortably and looks luxurious as well.

  1. Paint colours- If you have a small empty space like a hallway then don’t keep it empty. You can adorn that space as well at the cheapest budget, especially if you are in a rented home spending on mirrors and other investment isn’t worth it. Paint the space in a bright colour and add art pieces to give it a luxurious twist.

  1. Side panels- Designer Scot Meacham Wood says that to decorate your home with classic side panels you need to go all the way to the flooring. Bring in drapes that swipe the floor even if you have to invest in a size bigger than you generally need.

  1. Ceiling décor- When you have cabinets that runs from floor to ceiling, it may look dark but to conceal the dullness paint the ceiling with bright colours and a shade paler than the wall so that it makes the space look bright and refreshing.

  1. Mix-match your tableware- Do not bring in tableware with too much of similar stuff and make it looks dull and also really expensive. Instead visit an online store and buy lots of different coloured set of tableware and make the space look enhancing. Your dining would look unique and it’s like bringing up new Tupperware every time guest comes.

  1. Gold and Silver Combination- This is a great combination and metallic colours always looks good together. Match silver and gold together to give it a sheer impact. Designer John De Bastiani says that gold with silver looks so classy and smart together and splash both in equal amount to give the space an enhanced look.


  1. Dark Colours look awesome too- Many times people deter from using dark colours in large scale because they think it would only make the space look gloomy and dull. Though it may be too intimidating but you should try it out once. Designer Kedigian says that the idea of using dark tones is to paint strong dark tones in most of the things from walls to mouldings and add a dash of different trim colours to give the whole space a contrast look.


  1. Make your rug the base- Braff says that rugs though may not look such an essential home décor item but holds a very strong presence. He says that you should actually make the rug your base to choose the rest of the colours for your room. This way each item of your room would be in sync and make the room look alluring.

  1. Pillow for fun- Designer Melissa Warner says that when you décor your sofa with single style cushion it looks too empty, try matching two pairs of contrasting coloured cushions and let them work the magic. Also do not choose small cushions as they look like they came as compliment with the furniture.

  1. Glass shower- Your bathroom may be small in size but you could easily make it look bigger with a slight addition of glass shower. Mostly people go with curtains which though give them extra privacy but glass showers adds extra luxurious look to the whole space. Like this bathroom designed by Amy Meier which gives the whole look an instant square footage and makes it look classy as well.

  1. Be innovative with mirrors- When making changes to your home with mirrors try innovative ideas. You can hang mirrors but check before installing to see what they reflect. You could install it in such a way that they reflect the chandelier or any such hanging artefacts of the room.

  1. Be extra careful with your kitchen décor- Kitchen should be bright and beautiful with being extra generous with the backlashes. Bright and beautiful tiles look great in your kitchen. Cover up the walls of the kitchen with as many accessories as your budget allows and bring the kitchen counter in the middle with illumination above for that beautiful charismatic look.