Earlier the choices in varieties used to be very limited in carpets with basic beige being the most favored one, so designers then didn’t used to consider it as a neutral background for room decor. But now with the markets bombarded with innumerable types of patterns, textures, colours and styles carpets has taken the front foot and been given the most importance.

Though we cannot say that the want to furnish the room with neutral carpet has totally gone out of design, it is still there. Beige is still a very popular culture that is used by many. But indifferent from the 90’s Berber look, now it has the modern version of pattern and texture in it. There are carpets nowadays which have different variations in heights and also have a detailed structured effect that make it look bolder and beautiful. Even the 90’s Berber look has lots of varieties with few that have low pile cut while others that are thicker than you thought with deep loop textures.

The age old trend of neutral carpets has been given a makeover with great patterns, beautiful texture and splash of colours that accentuates the basic background.

Colour and Texture –

The new and renovated look of the carpets made today focuses more on layered colours as well as soft texture. When you look into the market trends of carpet, you will see that a blend in of warm texture and beautiful pattern is more popular than others as it can easily minimize the vacuum marks as well as settlement of soil. But if you consider colour and texture in a carpet than one great advantage in it is that it gives a very distinct style and fashionable appeal to the whole flooring.

Carpets with intrigue woven patterns of leaves, flowers etc. blends in completely with other furnishing of the room and also give the ambiance an organic touch. You can find various multi-coloured loops with a combination of strong colours which are made from commercial pallets. There are also high number of cut loop surfaces and Berber style rugs available in the market. If you would like to create a traditional touch with wall to wall statement rug than you can go for Saxony rugs as they have a wide collection.