For those of you who are becoming restless in their houses and want to make some changes, I’m offering a few unconventional home design ideas that I think you’ll like. These are upgrades that you would not immediately lean toward but that have the ability to make a significant difference in your home. Because often all we need is a change of scenery or a new technique we hadn’t considered previously to transform our viewpoint.


Here are 7 unique house design ideas for you to attempt in your home

Make a Pattern on Your Wall



To make an effect in your area, you don’t have to paint the entire room. Instead, why not try your hand at creating a design on your wall? Don’t worry if you’re not the most inventive person in the world. To make a spectacular statement, the design does not have to be sophisticated.

I have encountered a couple lovely instances of this concept. The half moon form at Medina Grillo’s workplace (pictured above) and the organic, free-flowing shapes Meg Lewis painted on her living room walls are two examples (shown below). (This sun painting by Almost Makes Perfect’s Molly Madfis is also amazing!) And if you’re in the Twin Cities and don’t feel like painting, you can always enlist the aid of the owners of She She, whether through their wallpaper patterns or original art.



Consider Painted Floors




Consider painting your floors if you’re unhappy with them and don’t have the funds to change them right now. A fresh coat of paint or a bright pattern, like the green and white checkerboard design Grace Atwood DIYed in her Brooklyn flat, might give your home a new lease on life (shown below). Take a cue from Katarina Matsson, who installed DIY confetti flooring in her family’s gorgeous home’s dining room, as shown above.




A Ceiling with Colors




Paint your ceiling (or, hey, wallpaper it if you want… the world is your oyster) to make a big statement in a space and attract the attention upward. In numerous of her settings, Natalie Papier of Home Ec. has done this well. I adore how her living room’s brilliant green hue is both beautifully unexpected and flawlessly functional



Use Curtains in Unusual Ways



Never underestimate the impact that curtains, whether utilised as a window decoration or for something else completely, can have in a space! I adore the instances I’ve seen of curtains being utilised in a bedroom instead of (or in addition to) a headboard. And I adore how Beata Heuman covered the area beneath the sink in the photo below with wonderfully patterned curtains—both it’s useful and attractive.



Make a Room That Is Monochrome





Paint your room monochromatic (I’m looking at you, peach room) as the previous owners of our house did—paint the baseboards, walls, crown moulding, and everything else the same colour. It’s a simple method to make a huge statement without putting in a lot of extra work. I’ve seen this done in a variety of settings, and this all-pink powder room is one of my current faves.




Make your design as minimalist as possible.



While minimalism remains trendy at home, there are advantages to choosing the maximalist path as well. For one thing, you get to make a large, unexpected statement, and you can show off all of your favorite décor pieces with minimal editing. Fill your shelves with your favorite things and books; put two rugs on top of each other; and personalize your coffee table to your heart’s desire. More is often simply more, and there’s no shame in designing a vivid, bold room that speaks for itself; all that counts is that you like the way it appears.


Make a Low-Profile Shelf for Yourself




Changing the heights of décor components is one of my favorite ways to add interest to a room. This helps to attract the eye upward in certain locations while also drawing it downward in others. The photo above was taken at my last apartment before Joe and I bought our first home. By a scrap of wood propped up with piles of magazines, I made a low-profile shelf. I just witnessed Jazmine Rogers do something similar (as shown below). She stacked two cinderblocks on top of a scrap piece of corkboard left over from a desk project. And have a peek at the end product! It’s unusual, lovely, and anything from conventional.



It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to incorporate slightly unconventional design concepts into your house. It’s all about utilizing your imagination to design the place you want. Have fun with it (after all, design is supposed to be enjoyable!) and please share any of your own ideas in the comments section below. I’d be interested in hearing them.

All Pics Credit By: Wit & Delight