The majority of the construction on our Flagstaff house has been completed, and now I’m working on completing art and design( DINING ROOM Interior Design). However, one room is completely finished, and I’m so excited to finally share it!


The previous owners were a retired, elderly couple who like a rustic style.




After that, do you feel lighter and more airy?




For the cabin, I went with blue velvet seats and velvet accents. The velvet, I believe, gives it a nice, homey cabin vibe without being tacky. I also have the ability to vacuum them to keep them clean! We don’t bring our dogs to the cabin, and obviously my dogs clean up after the kids and eat everything they drop since the kids are considerably dirtier eaters than I realized until my dogs were gone.








It’s a shame I didn’t finish in time for the photographs. A collection of birch logs with twinkling lights sits on the shelf beneath the record player. It’s strange to see it vacant!







It’s the first time I’ve ever had a rug in our dining room! And I think it’s fantastic! I went for an indoor/outdoor carpeting in the hopes that it would be able to tolerate food spills and traffic from filthy kids.





I wanted to get rid of the “boob light,” so I knew I wanted the IKEA lamp, and the rest of the space came together from there.




All Pics Credit