Moscow was chosen as the site for LUXXU’s next interior design project not only because of its colorful nature, but also because it is a beacon of quality in the contemporary design landscape. LUXXU was tasked with creating an innovative yet peaceful setting that would stand the test of time and represent modern luxury in its purest form in order to achieve the city’s design criteria. Join Luxxu Blog as we take you through a room-by-room tour of this brand-new luxurious apartment in Moscow’s center





The Suspicion console, a bold piece that fills any space with lavishing luxury, and the Gold Darian mirror, a basic yet distinctive object that captures the usefulness of a mirror and the magnificence of a work of art, greet visitors as they enter this residence. The Tycho tiny wall light provides even illumination to both parts.





LUXXU offered an open environment that includes both a bar and a dining room, with smooth transitions between the locations and stunning views of the outdoors. In the dining room, the Liberty Snooker suspension’s brass and crystal glass highlights blend seamlessly with the Charla dining chairs’ classic forms and modern construction, which are further enhanced by the intricacy of opulent materials such as velvet, brass, and lacquered wood. Furthermore, the Vertigo dining table was chosen as the setting’s centerpiece, a design that epitomizes elegance and sophistication in its purest form.



The marbleized bar room has a unique bar installation highlighted by the Otto Swivel bar seats, which provide all the comfort and refinement needed for an embellished environment while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. The Liberty lighting pendants cast a beautiful glow, and they’ll undoubtedly become the subject of a cocktail party talk.





Neutral tones are ageless and have been fashionable for a long time. They form the focal point of this opulent living area, which mixes a contemporary design language with a refined color palette to create a welcoming atmosphere.



The dark wood and off-white from the Thompson couch, a new modular design by Luxxu, are combined with the gentle crystals from the Liberty Slim suspension to create the perfect modern mood. LUXXU introduced a new set of items, such as the custom-made Mayer center table and the Darian tv cabinet, for a bigger fit, impressing with the symphony that the entire project envisions.





Every home office area should strive for the optimal balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The key to increasing productivity and improving the entire workplace design is to have an exclusive desk that exudes an unrivalled sense of style and beauty.



The Apotheosis Desk is the focal point of the room in this scenario, and it exudes elegance. The Empire spherical suspension provides a crystalized brilliance, while the Charla office chairs give comfort. The Lloyd cabinet, as well as the new Liberty Torch wall lights, add to the decor’s appeal.



Finally, the Apotheosis bookshelf was added to provide more storage and allow the client to display all of their favorite stuff, including modern sculptures and vital literature.





With spectacular city views, this apartment’s outdoor area will undoubtedly become the envy of many. The Hampton two-seat couch and armchairs, the Suspicion side table, and the Mayer center table, all of which constitute the ultimate embodiment of comfort and elegance, are among the neutral furniture.



On the other hand, there is another resting location where the Hampton sun loungers can be found, providing excellent sunbathing opportunities. These items were carefully crafted with class and style, but also with strong character and comfort, making them ideal for escaping city noise and reviving the art of reclining.





This master bedroom suite features stone walls that display the grandeur of veined marble and is beautifully connected to the outside space. Furthermore, the sleeping area was outfitted with LUXXU’s traditional bedroom basics, such as the Château bed, which has a huge grey leather headboard with brass accents.




The Tenor ottoman, the Charla dresser and armchairs in a subtle olive green shade, and the Empire bedside table with a brass frame become the supporting parts that every bedroom need. In addition, the Draycott pendants exude a feeling of purity and elegance. Glass sliding doors provide access to the closet space.



A smaller bathroom is also included in the suite, with a collection of distinctive furniture ranging from the Darian washbasin to the Orbis rectangle mirror. This interior is completed by the Darian towel rack and the Waterfall XL pendant.


All pics credit by : Best Interior Designers