Sindhu Peruri wanted to combine the family’s Italian and Indian heritage while designing the interiors of their new home in Palo Alto, California. The Los Altos-based designer adds, “There are a lot of parallels [between them].” “I wanted the interiors and furnishings to represent their relaxed yet refined way of life.”

Peruri used a neutral palette with jewel tones to generate “little moments of vibrance,” such as the emerald green Kintsugi wallpaper in the powder room vestibule and glimpses of amethyst in Caroline Lizzaraga’s custom paintings. The designer successfully mixed Italian antiques and old embroidered linens from Jaipur to create a style and mood that was perfectly suited to their California aesthetic. Peruri observes, “The details are modest and don’t dominate.”

The home’s neutral setting also serves as a backdrop for the designer’s amazing art collection, which he helped assemble. “In San Francisco, we went to a few galleries. We strolled into Simon Breitbard on one of our travels and immediately fell in love with a couple of the artists there “She recalls one of their favorites, an oil painting by Edite Grinberga in the living room. “The play of shadow and light is lovely, and the vast scale fills the area with a pleasant glow. It’s deception via the medium of art. Because of the picture, even on a cloudy day, this space appears to be light-filled.”

A sculpture by Matt Devine hangs over the fireplace, a quirky picture by Carol O’Malia hangs in the principal bedroom, and a big collage by Jay Kelly hangs in the dining room “that integrates the names of their children and their wedding invitation,” according to Peruri.

An abstract landscape installation of white and gold porcelain flowers hangs above the railing in the hallway. “The client stated that passing by this wonderful installation makes her happy every morning,” she explains. “I adore how strolling inside this house is such a sensory overload.”



In the Living Room


“I’d love to sit on the indigo sofa in the living room and look at the works of various artists, artisans, and the design community as a whole that went into creating it so lovely,” Peruri admits.



Dining Room


“The dining room chandelier by John Pomp was one of the first things we chose,” Peruri says. “As soon as you come through the entrance door, you’ll notice the sophisticated suspension. With this artwork, I adored the contrast between the Mediterranean architecture and the wood beams “she exclaims. “As you go through the front entrance, it’s surprising and makes a subtle statement.”





“The niche painted to simulate agate by Caroline Liza raga in the living room bar sets it distinct and is aesthetically remarkable,” Peruri says.





Peruri chuckles, “My customer, who is on frequent video chats, has greatly liked not having to utilize a synthetic background.” “It appears that she is constantly praised on it. It’s satisfying for me to have developed a room that my customer enjoys utilizing on a daily basis.”



Primary Bedroom


“It was all about creating this tone on tone vibe, delicate contrast and texture utilizing a very modest color palette,” Peruri says of the couple’s hideaway. “It’s supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating break after a long day at work.”



Primary Bathroom



Bedroom for a young lady



Room for Boys


Bedroom for Guests




All pics credit by : Home Designing