We all have different type of home styles, while some like modern setting but another would like to go Scandinavian. The choice of style depends on person to person but no matter what there are few very important accessories that look amazing with any type of interior styles. People have lots of queries when it comes to buying the accessories of the rooms. Even you might have questions like what to put along with books in the bookshelves, what is the best table top décor for your coffee table, what should be on top of the sidebars, which wall hanging would go with the room settings and lot more. When you are designing a home, accessorizing it happens at the very end, when everything else like the wall painting, rug and furniture are already set up. This is the moment where you choose only the right things that would turn the tables of your design plan.

With time, the décor elements change and most of the time it changes even after every season but there are few must-have list that cannot go out of design. These items are like the staples sculpted into the design world which people often search for. They are such pioneers in the style world that they never cease to impress one. When you add them as accents in the room they make the surrounding look alluring and bring warmth to the room. So, here is a list of items that you should think of adding to your room décor when you want to freshen up the look.

  1. Zebra pattern- This style has been in the interior décor world since ages but unlike everything else this has always been sitting tight and no matter how you decorate your home with it, they never stops to surprise you. Whether you paint strips in your hallway or a pillow or a side table they always enhance the space. It brings a sense of sophistication with its charming flair. Whether you are showcasing a modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic style this goes with all.
Photo by Tucker & Marks – Discover traditional hallway design inspiration
  1. Flower vases- This is the most simple way to accessorize your home but it is the most romantic way to dazzle any corner of the home. Fresh flowers are exactly like a boon to your mundane home and consider bringing ones that would complement your room’s palette. Doesn’t this stunning yellow orchid look breath-taking with the coral linen covered walls? You will find various random coloured flowers on your way home, if bringing in fresh flowers isn’t an option, buy those lifelike flowers that act similar to fresh ones.
Removable and Reusable Casart Faux Linen
  1. Bar cart- They are the perfect addition to liven up your home during parties or cocktail hours. This amazing innovation looks great, is very practical, adorns your home and is a versatile piece that works two ways, both as furniture as well as a bar annex in the hour of need. The best thing is you can install wheels and since its portable you can carry your table of food and drink anywhere you want to serve your guest. When not in use you can use it as a décor accessory by displaying pretty bottle of liquor with similarly stunning drinking glasses.
  1. Starburst Mirror- We know what your great wall is missing since you moved in and that’s this amazingly beautiful big statement piece. Whether you want to adorn your bed, the fireplace, the sofa or the dining table, it creates the best focal point one has ever thought of. It is perfect for any room in the house and accentuates the wall colour by bringing in one that would be contrast to the neutral colour or a neutral for the colourful wall painting, the choice is yours.
  1. Faux Antlers- Another statement piece and a great collection for your interior décor accents. A classic piece since ages, this faux antler can be found in lots of different materials from iron to ceramic to wood to felt. This animal like sculptures is a sure thing to spark your home and bring in a sense of whimsical aura to the room. You cannot imagine what a great focal point it creates to the room because the visual effect it has among people is just praiseworthy. Adorn one above a beautiful art piece and create a refined grouping by installing high ceiling and lighting fixtures.
  1. Art grouping- The walls of our home shouldn’t be kept bare, they are big canvases that seeks our creativity. So let your walls be covered with art pieces grouped together. Imagine what a group of magical prints would do to your wall if just hanging one looks so amazing. You could also go for the repeat treatment by placing similar art pieces, the impact it has is sure ethereal.
  1. Bowl design- Placing a beautiful bowl with real or faux flowers in the middle of your dining table or centre table always looks wonderful. Bring in a range of different material bowls, like glass or silver or brass or ceramic and accomplish a charming look by matching it with your modern or global style inspired home. It’s not compulsory to fill it with flowers, you can add about anything like stones, colourful pebbles, beads, potpourri etc.
  1. Branches- Bringing in a little of the outside décor inside is a great way to make your room look refreshing and bright. Branches always tend to offer a refine touch of nature to your room’s appearance. You can bring one beautifully cut and paint it. Pair this original natural art piece with one of your creation and give both a dramatic touch. You can even install branches on the wall and make a book shelf out of it. Bring in contrast shapes and paint the white to give them a very sophisticated look.
  1. Candles- We know candles are elements of a romantic evening but that doesn’t mean you just shove them down a cabinet and wait for the right moment to use them. Display these colourful candlesticks at one of your sideboard or right at the top of your entry table. Put in asymmetrical height candles so that they look artistic and grouping in different size candles really gives it a very dramatic look. You don’t have to light them; they can create the right amount of style just being there.
  1. Decorative boxes- There are so many different types of decorative boxes and they are such cute pieces that you cannot just ignore them. They are great to stash up your precious jewellery, costly eyeglasses and other beauty accessories. Put them in the side table of your bedroom or even at your dressing room.
  1. White accessories- Displaying anything in white makes the place look airy, bright and warm. Display a collection of white accessories together against a bright colour, like hanging a group of white plates in a blue painted wall. You could also bring in white ceramic vases and put them in a brown shelf. You can group in bowls, vases, and candles together in a side table to create a focal point. Mix in a touch of bright contrast colour like yellow or pink to bring an elegant look.
  1. Tray design- You must have been thinking a tray to be just for bringing in the food essentials to the table and not of much work, but amazingly they can be of so many uses. It is a wonderful accessory and brings in an amazing look in many places of the home. You could use it as a surface to the ottoman you have and place beautiful fresh flowers there every day to create a focal point. You could even use a small tray and match it with a vignette and display at your nightstand or even at the end table.
  1. Sculptures- Bring in sculptures of various shape and size and add depth and warmth to your interior decoration. They are great accessories to personalize your room according to your personality. You will find beautiful figurines and sculptures that would make any visitor indulge with its beauty. It is fine opportunity to display an art work that reflects your hobby. If you are a sea person bring in an ocean theme piece and if you are more of a nature loving person add one that associates with the art and creativity of nature.
  1. Blanket art- One of the most amazing accessory to renovate your home is this blanket art work. Don’t you think one should adorn each room with one of these soft fluffy blankets? They shout out home from every inch and nothing feels as amazing as cuddling up in your sofa with these blankets right there waiting for you. Drape your sofa, chairs, ottomans, bed and anything that has a surface to seat with these blankets.
  1. Dream catchers- I know they are cute and bring in a sense of security and calmness by just being there. These Native American culture décor art are unique items that has to go with your bedroom. With their charming features they will not just take away your bed dreams but would give you peaceful time every time you look at them.