When you are decorating your home the first thing that strikes your mind is the budget but that doesn’t mean when your room requires remodelling you should just ignore and sit tight. Thinking that you would not spend more than a dime but ending up buying the most extravagant way is a common thing for most of us. Even though we do not wish to let loose our wallet but it happens and not just for us but even for the designers. Here we will be showing you few splurges that designers committed for their own homes.

  1. Murray’s dresser– This great looking brass accented furniture was bought by designer Murray for a good $2500 which is way more than he actually spent for his personal home décor. We should totally agree to him because no one can ignore such pretty dresser. The white lacquer with the brass knobs looks amazing in his peach coloured walls. Standing proud in his guest bedroom its brass accent and Lucite just sealed the deal in a minute for him.


  1. Amy Berry’s statement wallpaper- Looking at the room itself gives you a sense of satisfaction and warmth and the statement wallpaper is the gem among the jewels. Amy Berry says she just fell in love with them as soon as they caught her eyes and we cannot agree more with her. They sure bring in a sense of tranquillity in the whole scenario and she says that it’s the room where she spends most of her time. Wallpaper rolls would cost you a good $60 to $200 or more per roll which is price much higher than you pay for paints but the dramatic scene it creates is just outstanding.


3. Jessica McClendon’s furniture– Office spaces are usually places where people do not sacrifice much on budget. It’s the place where you make money so it has to be satisfactory and calm your nerves all the time. But when Jessica couldn’t find the perfect furniture for her office she customized one for herself and we must agree this credenza looks just perfect for the room. She agrees that she might have paid extra for customizing it but she wanted extra storage along with another work surface so designing it was the best option for her.


4. McClendon’s Souvenir– Sometimes when you see a particular thing it charms our mind so much that no matter how much pain we have to through to get we still do. This is exactly what happened to Jessica on her visit to Germany. This wood deer head though antique and looks amazing but to get it in one piece from Germany was too much of hurdle that generally one wouldn’t go through. Though a bit expensive for her taste as she paid $600 for it and another $700 for shipping she just loved it so much that parting from it was not her forte.


5. McClendon’s custom drapes– Drapes are usually changed with the change of season and they are the most affordable way to renovate a room. But this custom drapes hanging on the windows of McClendon’s living room has been there for the last 3 years and she agrees that they still make her giddy every time she looks at them. This really mind blowing drapes cost her good $3000 but the way it makes the whole room beautiful is worth every penny it cost.


  1. Francesco Bilotto’s antique furniture– If you want to magnify the beauty of a room, all you need to do is bring in an antique cabinet or candelabra and the work is done. This is what designer Francesco did to his living room by bringing in this amazing antique cabinet. He says that a window change or a sofa replacement will not bring the kind of royalty and sophistication that any vintage furniture would, which is why he paid a good $1300 for his prized catch.



  1. Susie Isaac’s Shiplap– She says that generally she prefers to mix high end products with the budget friendly ones to make the final look perfect and most amazing. Going with her tradition she disagreed to put in lighting fixtures to her bedroom and instead went with these amazing architectural elements. It was actually a splurge for her considered she doesn’t spend so high but the final look that she had was worth her imagination, time and money.


  1. Jaclyn Joslin’s fun backlash– Kitchen tiles should always be bright and warm but when joslin went to a tile shop with one of her clients, this amazing piece of art caught her attention. The silver and bronze finish in it was way too good for her to ignore and though she never does her own shopping when with clients, for this piece of charm she broke her own rules. Each piece of the tile cost her $50 per square foot but the way it brought a mesmerizing backlash for her kitchen is just perfect for her kitchen.


  1. Joslin’s Perfect Rug– Rugs are the material that binds the décor of the room together. Persian rugs are special and have always been considered traditional and royal. Joslin found this amazing Persian rug for her dining room and this vintage 1930’s area rug cost her good $1400. Though it was much higher in price then she expected but the green detailing and perfect size of it caught her eyes and since she had been searching one for so long, it was hard to resist.


  1. Tania Campbell’s Custom Dining set– People usually likes to create a certain type of furniture which would fit into their weird shaped homes but they can hardly find one in any furniture store. This is what happened to Campbell when she wanted a dining room table but couldn’t find one. Finally she had one custom made by an artisan furniture maker and had one crafted in exactly the way she wanted. This dream table of hers has the Flower of Life craved into the white oak table top and has an oil rubbed metal as the base. She paid a whopping $6000 for the table and it fits right into her personal home and fits perfectly.



  1. Joe Human’s Unique Chairs– Designer Joe says that he loves unique pieces, especially dining chairs that fit into the unique space and makes the area astounding. Human creates unique designs for Designs By Human and you can see how amazing this $20 to $100 dollar antique chairs look now cost $750 once they are reupholstered and painted. The simple transformation made a huge change and they fit in perfectly at the dining room.



  1. Stefani Stein’s Wonder Chairs- When you are off to the store and you find the perfect piece you have been searching for long, you just purchase it no matter it’s a splurge or not. Exactly what Stefani did when she found these unique chairs that now adorn her living room.Though these antique GuillermeetChambron lounge chairs were priced at $8000 but they are the focal point of the room and enhance the whole ambiance amazingly.