I’ll confess it now. I’m Rachel, and I’m a fabric junkie. Fabric is my favorite. It doesn’t matter if it’s silk, linen, or velvet…… It must, however, feel and seem beautiful. In fact, I am so picky about materials that I have very few soft furnishings in my house. That’s how fussy I am! It must pass the test of looking at it for hours. The test involves moving it around the room at least 37 million times. It must also pass the cheek touching test. I know. That’s just how I am! My point is that, while I like fabric, I am irritated by what does and does not make the cut for inclusion in my house. So, a few weeks ago, I had a bit of an epiphany! So, here are my plans for transforming my modern maximalist sitting room.




Viridis  is  a  beautiful  velvet  that  has  been  haphazardly  spray-dyed  by  hand  to  produce  an  uneven  stripe.  This  bold  pattern  offers  eye-catching  upholstery  with  a  tactile  touch  and   delightful  shine.



But first, back to my epiphany! This was in response to a webinar invitation. You know how certain webinars fail to pique your interest? This one, on the other hand, was the polar opposite! Hook, line, and sinker, I was in. It was not only about my hidden fetish (fabric), but it was also one of the most beautiful collections I’ve ever seen! It felt as if the stars had aligned and a light bulb went out in my head. The collection comes from the Romo group’s Black Edition. To put it another way, Black Edition textiles and wall sheets combine refined textures, creative weaving processes, and artisan effects with a bold color palette. In fact, this season’s selection is quite inspirational.




In  a  luxurious  play  of  light  and  shadow,  large  velvet  polka  dots  dance  across  woven  metallic threads.  This  eye-catching  velvet  has  been  hand-sprayed  to  create  an  enticing  color  movement.



Modern Minimalism is the topic of the new collections. Now, this is not something that comes to me when I think of my own style. This isn’t simply minimalism, though; it’s a contemporary version of it. A more thoughtful approach. It’s all about the juxtaposition of texture, pattern, color, and scale (love that phrase). Fabric and wallcoverings are transformed into works of art. And then there’s layering. Being daring yet also understanding when to draw the line. It’s all about standing out while remaining customized. It’s a happy medium between minimalism and minimalism. And, to be honest, I believe that is where I sit. I enjoy surprising people with my interiors, but I also believe that less is more. As a result, I was instantly drawn to this Modern Maximalist collection.




Colorful  printed  shapes  make  a  modern  geometric  velvet  with  a  rich  texture  and  a  lovely  feeling  of  richness.  Enigmatic  components  play  with  the  light  in  a  unique  way,  thanks  to  a  shadow  weaving  effect.



Even more so when my jukebox is thrown into the mix. The only splash of color in my living room right now. I adore the teal geometric light up panels on the front and the throwback 70’s look. I got it for my husband as a gift many years ago; you can’t beat the sound of vinyl, especially if you’re into music like my husband. And believe me when I say this baby makes the windows rattle and the walls quake at maximum blast! However, as much as I enjoy the jukebox, it has never functioned in the sitting room. So it sat (lost and sad) at one end of the sitting room for years. I’ve been quietly anticipating the day when one of my lightbulb moments will occur. And then I spotted this new Black Edition collection, which had finally arrived.






On a personal level, the jukebox is grateful as well. It will now take pride of position between my two chimney breasts, ready to be complemented by its new soft furnishings! Not only that, but I’ll be doing everything myself. So, how does this affect you in the next weeks? There will be a blog on how to create curtains. A tutorial on how to create a Roman blind. There’s also a tutorial on how to create a lampshade from scratch! And potentially, very possibly, a basic upholstery guide. Dark, opulent velvet comes to mind. And, of course, gold! And, at some point, two lovely carpets that I have yet to uncover, as well as reupholstering my sofas.




So, what are your thoughts on my designs for a modern maximalist sitting room makeover? It should keep me occupied at the very least until Spring arrives, when I shall decamp to the garden for the foreseeable future. I’ve taken another step toward creating the sitting area of my dreams. And I’m looking forward to a winter when a force 10 gale doesn’t blow through the bay window’s massive and draughty sashes. Oh, then there’s the minor issue of removing my fireplace and repairing the cast iron insert at some time this year. It buckled and snapped about a month ago, so no fires for the time being till I figure out how to disassemble and fix it!


All pic credit by : Raspbery