I’ve been a busy bee, determined to finish This Old Victorian once and for all, so I feel like I’ve been mighty quiet regarding the status of our house for quite some time now (you can catch up on what turned into a nearly five-year process right here).

After repeatedly attempting to tackle my most difficult design problems, I’ve recognised that some design conundrums are simply above my experience level. Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time staring at this house. Most likely. The first culprit is my main bedroom. If you need a refresher, here it is in its present state. So yet, not much has changed.


My master’s current state is gorgeous, but a little…bland. There isn’t much of a wow factor, despite the fact that it is clean and serene. This home is deserving of some awe. Dammit, I deserve some as well! My bedroom currently consists of a bed, a pathetic Ikea dresser, and that’s about it. After spending some time in our home, I’ve discovered I’m in desperate need of a safe haven from the outside world. Something with more layers, texture, and elegance is what I’m searching for. But this room is quite difficult to navigate. I’ve been stumped by all of the layout peculiarities

Lauren Nelson, an interior designer extraordinaire and a friend of mine. I’ve been working with Lauren to help bring the magic this master bedroom requires to the next level, and I’m sharing a sneak peak of where we’re going today!


Warm woods, dusty, earthy tones, and loads of natural texture are featured in our moodboard. The atmosphere is fantastic. But the insight that specialised solutions are required was my biggest aha in trying to figure out this space. Because of the awkward dimensions, huge windows, and a fireplace (I know, it’s a tough life), off-the-shelf furniture won’t work in this space. This is why I needed to hire an expert. Lauren designed a unique bed that will fit snugly beneath my extra-low window casings. Built-in side tables will give me the practicality I need as well as the rich warm tones I desire. Lauren has included a few personal touches that make it truly one-of-a-kind. I just.can’t.wait.

Another significant aha was the need to improve the lighting in the room. It was a shame not to draw your eye higher because you were gifted with extremely high ceilings. Introducing YLighting, my go-to lighting resource. YLighting is the source of my dining room pendant, media room pendant, and several of my flush mounts. They have a variety of solutions to suit every taste and budget.

For our bedroom, I’ve decided on the Marset Ginger Pendant. Its distinctive shape is made up of a variety of materials, including an oak canopy and a blackened aluminium frame. It’s delightfully big, making it impossible to overlook, and it’ll look fantastic against the walls and drapes. I’ll also be increasing the ante in my master bathroom with a set of extended sconces from YLighting, which are constructed of bent wood and metal and have a marble backplate. Because there are moments when you just can’t help yourself. They’re going to be on another level. Here’s a diagram of the pendant in conjunction with my future bed!


We’ll add a vintage Moroccan rug for a burst of print in addition to the amazing lighting and awesome custom bed. I’m completely enamoured with the rug. Floor-to-ceiling draperies will bring softness, and a refurbished vintage dresser will provide the storage and flair I desire (sorry Ikea, you simply aren’t cutting it). We’re now working on a dream mantel for the room’s fireplace, and I’ve got a couple art ideas up my sleeve as well. It’s always exciting to delve into the nitty gritty of a project like this.

Install day isn’t quite as much fun — I’m counting down the days until the master bedroom of my fantasies is finally mine.

Keep an eye out!

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This post was created in collaboration with YLighting. All of my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for your support of the relationships that have allowed Apartment 34 to remain open.