Designing or decorating your home is for sure a costly affair but it need not put a hole in your pocket. It’s already been few months since New Year and new trends have already rolled out in the market. It is better that you start rejuvenating your home and with this refined list of decoration hacks that would add a new life to your life.

  1. Let your hidden creativity flow out of the closet, be a child again and start drawing on the inside of your cupboard doors. It is an exciting diy activity and a very cheap but stylish way to update the design of your kitchen cabinets. Spray the inside of your kitchen cabinets with the help of chalkboard paint you will find in any department stores. You can either chalk down the items you have at the particular cabinet or if you have children then let them have a gala time by drawing in them.


  1. Be the seamstress of the generation and make your own cushion covers since they are way too costly to afford too many after every other season. Just visit the store and buy the fabric of your liking and sew them. If sewing makes you feel sleepy then bring in fabric glue and just glue them up. This way you can experiment with different cushions of varied texture and pattern and exude the handcrafted charm among you’re your friends.


  1. This is an amazing way to style up your wall décor, bring in a blank canvas and buy some golden and silver thumbtacks. Make amazing arts with them and hang it on your wall, they are unique and really innovating. The best thing is that you can make different patterns every once in a while. This DIY activity is fun, easy and quick way to bring changes to your room. For those experts in art, they can go ahead and work wonder with this method of craftsmanship.


  1. We are in a world where we are always surrounded by gadgets and these gadgets have their own tangled wires looming here and there at our homes. So here is a great idea to hide them away and have a wire free zone. Use a hallowed out book to put in your routers and ornament it with a vase or other table tops. For the wires bring in big size water pipes, cut them into a foot long and attach them on the inside of the table. Everything that used to be cluttered now looks clean and organized.


  1. Your broken brooches could turn out to be fine fridge magnet ornamentation. Do not throw them away when you are tired of using them instead attach a magnet in its back and decorate your fridge with them. If not fridge décor, you could also go make them pins to be used for your kid’s artwork.


  1. When you browse through the furniture sites online and you find furniture that is really eye catching and you would like to purchase it, follow this amazing internet trick. Instead of checking out, put the item on cart and let it be there for some time. If you have registered your email address on the site, it is likely that they will mail you a discount coupon for the furniture. It is a lucky chance but if you do get it then it’s a win-win situation altogether.


  1. Why invest in paying the painter to paint your home when you can do it on your own. Take some spare time and involve yourself in it. Bring in testers first to check how it would turn out later and whether you would like the colour or not. You can also bring in free testing samples from stores. Painting together with friends or your partner is a fun activity and let’s admit it decorating can never be boring.


  1. Vintage pieces are always charming, if you are looking for a certain piece of vintage furniture instead of heading to the store ask your friends and relatives about it. They might have one tucked away at the attic and would be happy to give it to you. You can either keep it the way it already is or funk it up for remodelling with new fabric and upholstery.


  1. Your table is another great place to display your price possessions. Cut in a glass in the size of the table and place stuff like postcards, old letters, collected stamps, cards, old pictures in it. It’s a great way to make your boring table top interesting and goof distraction when you are bored of your work.


  1. You might have accidently spilled juice over your couch and now it doesn’t fade away. For such accidental spills and stains which cannot be replaced, cover them up with décor disguise. Like put a shag rug over it or bring in lots of cushions and hide the unpleasant view till you can exchange the couch. In fact if you place the right rug in the best way then it can easily turn to the best view.


  1. Photo frames are warm ways to adorn your walls with pictures of you and your loved ones. Bring in cheap photo frames from charity shops and spray them with different or similar colours of your choice. Right now neon colours is the top colour of the time and when you adorn your walls with these cheap frames in their renovated looks, it would look like splurges you have spent your money on.


  1. Fireplace is the favourite place for everyone during winters but if they are kept shabby and ugly, one doesn’t feel the warmth it should feel from them. Even during summers when it is not in use you should keep it charming to make everyone feel welcome. Fill the fire top with decorative items and give a homey feeling on all seasons. You can even decorate it with house plants and flower vases to give a more natural look.


  1. If you have old bookcases with black or white shelves and whose colour has faded out with time, then you can brighten it up by pasting some old wallpaper in it. If you do not have any old wallpaper roll then bring in vintage wallpaper for a classic look to your old bookcases.


  1. You will be amazed to know what fine gems you might get hold of in the charity stores. Bring in those prized possessions and paint them white, they would turn out to be treasures that enhance your home. Do not throw away ornaments that seems to resemble items from your grandmother’s closet rather transform their look by painting them white or black. If you find any animal figures, bring them in because they look particularly amazing.


  1. The best and the most beautiful wall décor trending right now are the use of wall stencils. They are just perfect for any walls of the house and they look really beautiful. Order one online or download printable stencils and rejuvenate your home. They are especially charming for your kid’s and teenager’s room.


There are millions of DIY art craft that you can find online, all you need to do is collect the necessary items and spend some time in creating those class arts. These art hacks and so amazing that you would be living the life of a designer and praises from your friends.