In the Emily Henderson biopic, there was a narrative twist: I think I’m starting to like orange and chickens (?). I prefer fall décor with cream, mustard, maroon, and gold. Target, on the other hand, defied my anti-orange stance this season with their really lovely and welcome new fall designs. I hope you’re looking forward to it since it’s nice and getting me ready. Plus, I’ve become a mountain girl with a fondness for rustic comfort. So today, I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to give your house that warm, welcome, rustic-yet-modern-yet-cozy aesthetic that we all crave this time of year. Grab a cup of hot tea and read on to learn how I utilised and fell in love with what Target had to offer this season.





Any excellent seasonal or holiday décor, in my opinion, begins outside. This way, your neighbours will know you’re serious about celebrating, and you’ll feel the festive spirit hug you every time you walk through the door (also, EVERYONE has a front door, whether you live in a smaller apartment or a stand-alone home). So, without further ado, here are my suggestions for creating a cheerful yet easy festive front door moment.


1. Mix and match imitation gourds. Of course, real gourds are fantastic, but if you want to get a jump on the season, you’ll want to prevent the eventual big pumpkin melt/rot. From September until the Christmas lights are turned on, you can use them. There’s no need to wait for Halloween to arrive. Plus, a traditional gourd will never go out of style, so you may use it year after year. As a result, mix and match colours, styles, and sizes to create a stunning front door designed moment. You may always add some real pumpkins and squash for a more genuine look (though these are actually great and convincing).


2. Use a delicate wreath as a centrepiece. Using a delicate wreath rather than a large, overbearing one is A. more current (even though it’s more traditional…it’ll seem more updated) and B. allows you to “go for it” with the colour without feeling overwhelmed. This one is a vibrant orange that isn’t overpowering due to its optical delicacy. I would avoid applying orange on a red or brown door, but it looks great on white or grey. Plus, that gorgeous matte black wreath hook is quite attractive and won’t require you to drill a hole in your door. Also a great alternative for renters.


3. Use a festive doormat that isn’t overly holiday-y. A doormat is perhaps the simplest method to add colour and texture to your doorway. So why not go all out and include a very charming, autumn-toned doormat like the one seen below? I like how it conveys the feeling of autumn without being overbearing.



You’ve seen my full-on Halloween kid-friendly décor before, but for something a bit more “cool” than “kid,” we created this welcome, modern gateway for you to get your scary on.


1. The colour orange is appropriate for Halloween (just not too much). Even if I’ve been a sceptic of orange, it’s indisputable that it’s a staple of Halloween decor, so I say embrace it. You can do it if I can. These fake orange pumpkins are also rather lovely. They avoid the over-the-top aesthetic by being purposely plain. I like how squat and thick they are. Sprinkle the orange love everywhere to visually balance the image. We utilised the fun Halloween sign and the colourful wreath (which can stay out through Thanksgiving because it’s more general “autumn”). Everyone is thrilled because there is just the proper amount of orange.


2. Keep it lighthearted. Don’t take yourself or your decorations too seriously since this is a joyful holiday. We utilised the bright wreath to add pattern and some other colours, the warm doormat to tie in the black, and the Halloween sign to provide some straight-up Halloween deliciousness. A live plant is another surprising method to brighten the mood. The texture of the potted plant provides depth and lightens up an otherwise dark Halloween image.


3. Keep it current by adding black accents. The words “black” and “contemporary” are almost interchangeable. Because black is also associated with Halloween, using the proper amount of black accents can keep everything calm and grounded while while seeming joyful. The black pumpkin is easy to make and looks great. Those lanterns, on the other hand, are definitely my favourites. Do you think you’ll be able to manage that leather handle?? It’s fantastic. Plus, they’ll last you the entire year. Added bonus.





This is one of my favourite vignettes because it not only has my favourite cabinet (I have the larger version, and look at how amazing the wood grain on the back panel looks??) but it also features one of my favourite people. However, it’s a great illustration of how to combine traditional autumn décor with more modern elements.


AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: I THINK I’M INTO CHICKENS RIGHT NOW. It’s both new and familiar (welcoming? nostalgic?) at the same time. Here are some pointers on how to do it in your own house.


1. Modern chickens are possible…in moderation. Okay, I was determined to make the chicken pitcher trendy when I saw it. It’ll be known as the chicken challenge. We elevated it by combining it with simpler parts. I’d want to surprise my friends by throwing a fall-themed party with a couple of these birds. I’m not sure it would work in every home, but it does in this one (a friend’s lake house that we rented out for the shoot).


2. It’s kept fresh with a modest festive colour scheme. Starting with a neutral basic, such as off-white, is always a nice and safe option. Then, to create dimension, sprinkle in different colours. We utilised orange, mustard, and red as the major accent colours (very fall), with a few others thrown in for variety. Don’t forget the gold to “update” it and give it a festive flair.


3. Instead of using a pattern, use texture. With a very neutral colour palette, texture is your best friend. The china, artificial wreath, linens, and cabinet woodgrain all contribute to the aesthetic appeal of this tableau.



Now I’d like to expand on a couple of my personal favourites. The wreath is number one. The colour is beautiful and warm, and it appears to be costly. And, because it’s not too fall-y, you can utilise it year after year (put some string lights on that baby through the new year). Plus, “seasonalizing” any place with a wreath is one of my favourite methods, especially in smaller rooms where too much “stuff” would clutter the space and be overpowering. The plates are fun and provide a splash of colour and seasonal flair. Then there are the white-covered pumpkin plates, which are festive while remaining calm and neutral, so it doesn’t seem like you’re in a pumpkin patch.





Meal gatherings are at the heart of the holidays, and they get underway in earnest in the fall. We wanted this tablescape to be cheerful but yet modern (are you getting a sense of a theme here?) and I believe we were successful in doing so. I’m still in awe of how amazing everything is. Here’s how we went about it.


1. A colour palette that is simple but striking. The true colours were kept neutral but grounded. Natural light-toned linens, handcrafted white tableware, and metallic decorations contrast well with the black accents (candlestick holders, napkins and chairs). Then we utilised that killer magnolia garland for a natural foliage aspect.


2. Use mood lighting to your advantage. People, mood lighting is vital, so don’t be scared to use it. Accent lighting adds warmth, and these mercury glass pumpkins come with string lights already installed and emit the most beautiful glow. I’m definitely going to get them for Thanksgiving. All you’ll need is a battery to get into the festive spirit. Let us not overlook the significance of candlelight. I adore these candlestick holders, which you may know from the cabinet vignette since they are available in three sizes and come in black and gold. They’re a great mix of modern and classic, and their form adds some interest to the entire design.


3. Metallics provide a festive touch to the table. Do you want to be merry? Then add some gleam to that table. Aside from the illuminated pumpkins, the gold flatware, gold-accented water glasses (plastic and kid-friendly), and the adorable small gold salt and pepper shaker set are also my favourites. All of these elements work together to create a warm glow.


4. The use of a variety of heights keeps things fresh. Bringing in varied heights will add intrigue to any tablescape, particularly seasonally themed ones. With the short and tall candlesticks, as well as the two sizes of pumpkins, we were able to accomplish this. This keeps your gaze moving over the table and gives it a more natural feel (and less stiff).



Here are a few additional photos to give you a better sense of how the table looks. I’d want to make a special mention of the braided table runner. It’s large and adaptable for every season, and it helps to tone down the glitz. Target gets five stars for this man. The magnolia garland, meanwhile, is a cheerful yet adaptable design component that brought the table to life. It truly stands out against the table runner. You may hang it on your stairwell, mantle, or anywhere your garland-hanging fantasies lead you. Then, if you wanted to tone down the shiny look, you might use matte black flatware. The general appearance is the same, although there is a little increase in contrast.


Fall Is When Cozy Chair Corners Were Created



Fall is a great time to curl up with a good book, and this corner appears to be exactly the spot for it. First and foremost, it has my favourite Target chair, which we coupled with some very lovely decorations. Let’s talk about how and why…


1. To pick a colour palette, start with the anchor item. We took this bright rug and utilised it as the “anchor piece” for our colour scheme. It was a lot easier to choose the rest of the accent pieces because they all had to be in the same colour scheme. However, we added that dark green blanket for a flash of colour and a bronze work light to visually brighten the area to avoid things from looking too matchy-matchy.


2. Coziness reigns supreme. That is correct. This time of year, all I want to do is curl up under a warm blanket with a hot beverage in my hand. This one is a work of art made of imitation mohair. When it’s not being utilised to keep warm, it’s very silky and has that fantastic, long fringe to make for a pretty styled moment.


3. Use a variety of styles. When it comes to furniture pairings, you know how much I enjoy experimenting. So we coupled that lovely vintage chair with a live edge side table to achieve our goal. They are stylistically and tonally opposed (one is modern classic, the other is organic), yet they complement each other wonderfully within the overall colour scheme.



Is it the same amazing chair, but with a design that’s more “knit and meditate” than “sit and read a book”? BUT, of course, it’s still warm and inviting. I’ll take you through the entire thrilling procedure. 🙂


1. To pick a colour palette, start with the anchor item. Okay, the process is the same, but the rug/anchor piece is different. We removed the warm tones and retained the dark contrasting colour in the rug because this was supposed to be a “happy fall” appearance. The overall aesthetic would have seemed less light and airy if we had used that deeper tone in the fabrics, which was our intention for this one.


2. Coziness reigns supreme. It should always be, and fabrics and texture are one method to do this. That throw (which is the same in several colours) is hefty but soft, and it looks wonderful thrown on a chair in any direction. Then, because we liked the monochromatic appearance, we added the wonderful circular knit cushion for texture and form diversity. PS: That pillow is really comfortable and makes you want to slam your face into it.


3. Add some visual texture to your scene. Aside from the fabrics, that lovely basket and gold-framed art piece provide another layer of texture that can’t help but make your eyes happy. Plus, stack all of your old magazines on a side table for a fantastic textured effect. I’m just half-joking when I say that.





I never saw myself as a seasonal decorator (for all seasons); it all happened when I had children. I’m sure all of you moms understand what I’m talking about. So my secret (or not so hidden) favourite thing to do is indulge in more whimsical and fantasy décor. Here’s how I do it so that everyone enjoys it.


1. The pattern adds to the fun. Patterns are a lot of fun and offer a lot of depth to a room. When it comes to pattern combinations, the same principles apply every time. Maintain a constant colour palette while varying the pattern scales. The major three are a large-scale plaid pumpkin, a medium-scale feathery wreath (which we might remember from one of the “front door” situations up top…SO VERSATILE), and a smaller-scale houndstooth pumpkin. Then, for added visual appeal, we threw in a great array of different designs.


2. Everyone like cute storage. The storage in this shot is one of my favourites since it’s textured and not too childish. In real, that woven basket tray is stunning and reinforces my love for all trays. Then there’s the tiny white and tan leather bin, which is nice and simple, and I have a lot of those because they’re so good.


3. Disobey the regulations. Why not use toys as decoration? I’m also here to reiterate that turning your books around for Halloween or seasonal décor is quite OK. When you already have a lot of exciting stuff going on, this helps to tone down the visual mayhem. It also has a scary vibe about it. Don’t worry, once the holidays are over, you may return them to show off your reading skills.



Also, when it comes to kid décor, it’s a given that it should be kid-friendly rather than, like, sever their skull. All of these pumpkins and toys are adorable, light, and cuddly. Plus, because they’re all little, they’re easy to store if you don’t have a lot of space but still want to have some fun and develop some seasonal traditions with your kids.





With only a few yet striking seasonal ornaments, we kept the fireplace a touch more neutral and basic. You’ll want to select your major moments, especially if you’re a big Christmas decorator. If you don’t, your house will resemble a holiday on steroids, which is fantastic if that’s your goal. If not, go lighter in terms of décor and colour in places that don’t require it. Let’s take a look at the hows and whys of this lovely fireplace.


1. Magnolia leaves are incredibly useful and beautiful. Although I’ve always liked magnolia leaves, I believe the fad has arrived. They’re visual, provide complexity, and are deceptively simple. The leaves are gold on the bottom, which instantly adds a festive touch. BUT it shouldn’t be so festive that you can’t keep it up all year.


2. Neutral may be a cheerful colour scheme. Yes, and I’ll show you how to do it—all it’s about texture. The broom is full of texture and the ideal surprise accent item of the fall, and last, we have the leather on my new favourite lamp, which has a pattern but is in a neutral colour palette. All of these items are neutral, yet they all contribute to a visually vibrant and modern fall mantel.


3. Long-lasting pieces are the finest option. I mentioned this in the previous two points, but in general, every object in this shot is neutral and contemporary enough to be used for years to come (aka classic not trendy). Furthermore, the wreath, candlesticks, and lamp do not need to be stored because they are appropriate for any season. It’s a no-brainer, but buying year-round staple pieces and then having smaller seasonal pieces will save you money in the long run (and head space). That most likely appeals to everyone.





My favourite vignette is this one. Every piece is rich in texture (sorry, the piano isn’t from Target) and keeps my gaze jumping from one element to the next (which is exactly what you want when styling). This room has a light and airy vibe to it while yet being warm and inviting.


1. Fall may be bohemian as well. There is no one style that owns holiday decoration. If you’re a bohemian, you deserve a seasonal house just as much as a contemporary traditionalist. What’s great about this year is that Target offers everything you need. Layering and neutral natural textures/materials are essential in a bohemian look. That includes the braided rattan pumpkins, the wooden stool (stylist hack #1: it doubles as a side table), the woven stick vase, and the bone framed mirror.


2. The universe of design revolves around texture. TEXTURE, I believe, is the most important takeaway from this entire post, but I digress. THOSE PUMPKINS ARE INCREDIBLE. They were something we all desired. They’re such a nice neutral that exudes the spirit of the autumn season. Mirrors are useful in any environment because they reflect light and make a space appear larger. The mirror was a pleasant surprise. It has a high-end appearance, a subtle texture, and a fantastic form.


3. Neutral is excellent when paired with some contrast. I like light-toned rooms, yet contrast and dimension bring a space to life. We utilised a burnt orange table runner (stylist tip #2: we folded it in half to fit with the depth of the piano) and a charming orange pumpkin to get this look. Then, for that dramatic vase moment, we chopped down some little tree branches for the enormous contrast. The room would still be lovely without the branches, but they provide a lot of visual interest… It’s also free decor.


Now, I’m not sure about you, but I’m still blown away by Target’s ability to create some of the greatest décor on the market…especially the seasonal lines…at such a low price. AND their ability to take on my orange difficulties (if you didn’t notice, there was a lot of orange in those photographs) and win. So, with that stated, most of us are seeking for comfortable, joyful, and modern this autumn, and the good news is that it’s all available at our local favourite shop. I’d also recommend getting those leather-handled lamps before they sell out. Enjoy your decorations, and don’t forget about your hens.

All Pics Credit by: stylebyemilyhenderson